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Shengli oilfield petrochemical general factory contractor '8. 'Scaffolding collapse - 20 Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the sky

by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
After the accident, at around 9 August 20, shandong wins the petrochemical engineering construction co. , LTD. ( The second construction company of sinopec's restructuring unit) In shengli oilfield petrochemical general factory demolition of coking plant in the process of the coke tower scaffold, a a fixed at the bottom of the scaffold fastener suddenly rupture, scaffolding collapse suddenly, causing 5 people were injured, including one by the rescue invalid death. Direct cause accident: scaffold fastener quality does not meet the requirements. Indirect accident reasons: one is the contractor's construction equipment quality management does not reach the designated position, construction check is not implemented, there is no timely checking scaffolding hidden trouble; Second, shengli oilfield petrochemical general factory attaches great importance to the construction with the maintenance is not enough, the supervision and management of the contractor does not reach the designated position, not the facility quality supervision and control of the contractor, not hire professionals conducting supervision and inspection, the loopholes in supervision and management.
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