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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
As for aluminum alloy scaffolding construction industry use range is more and more big, the countries of large construction scaffolding for a series of regulations, formulate the corresponding safety standards, but is beginning to carry out, on the market a lot of old steel pipe scaffold has already been eliminated, the safety of the scaffold can not only protect the personal safety of workers, also can reduce the unit loss. Shenzhen tengda security technology development co. , LTD. , set production and sales as one, the main business fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding, single and double width scaffold for aluminum alloy, movable scaffolding, disc scaffolding, designed to provide customers with safe and reliable scaffolding products. Even large scaffolding, more than 20 meters and tengda large aluminum alloy scaffolding can 28 meters above, special in more than 20 meters tall scaffolding scaffolding and height must have a design scheme, and acceptance formalities. Large aluminum alloy scaffolding because of its strong stability, no rust, light weight, convenient installation, no small parts and get the favour of construction unit, according to the using range of different choice of different aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum alloy sheet width of scaffolding, building construction can be used to narrow scope, double scaffold is suitable for wide in construction and industrial use, scaffolding can provide straight ladder, choice of oblique ladder or by ladder; Vertical ladder structure can provide the largest working space, reduce the build time, any level, scaffolding work platform can be set up to the tower height is 43 cm per level; The combination of exquisite design have greater flexibility, and improve the utilization rate; Convenient installation, aluminum alloy scaffolding double wide walk ladder frame work with wide framework USES 45 degrees; Convenient to carry on the tools and materials handling; Aluminum alloy scaffolding attached handrails, platforms, self lock, security firm; With 5, 7, 8 class walk ladders to highly flexible use; Lightweight solid structure, set up easily; Aluminum alloy scaffolding work frame bridge: the bridge with handrail column, the door frame used to suit different environmental needs. Large construction projects refers to the investment scale huge engineering projects. Project refers to the general implementation according to the design documents, economically unified accounting, have independent organization and unified administrative management, but after the completion of independent give play to the role of design documents required by the project. According to the condition, you can also choose to aluminum alloy plate buckles scaffold. Aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold to Hong Kong Ocean Park exterior wall decoration engineering, for example, in the irregular outside wall structures, traditional steel pipe scaffold is not feasible, and adopt the aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold, is that it can be according to the requirements of the concrete construction, form different group size, shape and bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, columns and other functions of construction equipment. Important is aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold than steel pipe of the same specification button scaffolding, lighter weight, reduce the difficulty of building remove, at the same time the overall bearing is higher. Large scaffold will adopt aluminum alloy plate scaffolding, service life is a lot higher than the fastener scaffold and generally can be used for more than 10 years, due to the abandoned bolt connection. Even if the rust does not affect the spell to use. Less maintenance, loading and unloading fast, transportation convenient, easy to store.
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