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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
In various sizes engineering, construction equipment, scaffolding is a common and fixed scaffolding, by installing truckle way makes the scaffold has the function of mobile also can pass the casters with locking device for scaffolding to a fixed location, a palm and adjustable bottom, also can adjust the height of the caster wheel support bar, keep scaffolding level position, in the construction projects of all sizes, the most important issue is security. Tradition, steel scaffolding always make people think more secure, along with the progress of The Times, the construction of the portable aluminum alloy scaffolding become commonly used equipment, compared with ordinary steel scaffolding material, aluminum alloy scaffolding and lighter weight to become a big advantage of it, because in indoor aerial work, for the most part is the commercial center, the hotel lobby, the airport hall, large reception hall these use marble or ceramic tile shop is on the ground, tolerance is limited, if you use the steel quality, and the pressure loss of the scaffold to the ground, the stability of the scaffold and therefore affected. And made of aluminum alloy aluminum alloy scaffolding, lightweight, strong, light weight, improve the work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, light, easy to install and move, set up and disassemble because it does not require any installation tools, save space, rails, diagonal using single tube design, all components can be stacked, compact structure, can save a lot of space, thus provides the user with a convenient storage and transportation, scaffolding quickly put down, platform security, the work high above the firm, the construction security is higher. With high bearing iron casting polyurethane industrial heavy-duty casters, can move safely in the ground, silent slip and can reduce the damage on the ground. With elevated operation, equipment or other electric, fuel type, compared to steel scaffolding aluminum alloy scaffolding of low cost, bearing sex is stronger, more stable, more secure, quality is light and easy to install, remove, flexible movement, working height is higher, more suitable for construction use for a long time, because of the characteristics of light weight, scaffolding construction cost less manpower, convenient and quick, at the same time improve the bearing capacity, reducing the weight of aluminum alloy scaffolding both in the security and performance is much better than the traditional steel scaffolding, therefore recognized by a large number of construction units, as a result of the aluminum alloy scaffolding broad prospects, many inferior aluminium alloy scaffolding products occupy a part of the market, at the same time of purchasing aluminum alloy scaffolding, should pay attention to conform to safety standards, good scaffold should operator in accordance with the eu EN1004 standard design and manufacture, TUV safety certification, in addition, should also be in the formal channels of purchase, choose to have actual strength, has a strong after-sales service capacity of the sales company or manufacturer.
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