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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Scaffold safety issues are in the process of construction safety production for outstanding, if slightly do not pay attention to is likely to endanger life. So below small make up and everybody talk about construction scaffolding structures, specification! 1, scaffolding load is not more than 270 kg/m2, experienced qualified for rear can use, in use should be regularly check and maintenance. 2, steel tube columns should be set metal base, the geological soft foundation should be mat board or a sweeping the floor. 3, scaffolding rod should be vertical, the vertical deflection shall not exceed 1/200 of the height, pole spacing is less than 2 meters. 4, scaffolding, corner, and every 6 - on both ends Seven columns should set knife hold and strut, 7 m high above can't set the strut, vertical every 4 meters, transverse every 7 meters need to be connected to the building firm. 5, scaffolding lateral, ramps, platform set 1. 5 meters fence. Laying bamboo or wooden board, the two need to binding is firm, it is strictly prohibited to be put into use without binding. 6, in the channel and escalator scaffolding bar should be raised to reinforce, not hinder the channel. 7, pick scaffold general ledger from step 1. 2 meters, and added a brace, brace and the vertical Angle of not more than 30 & deg; 。 8, in order to prevent the compression of tube bending shelf fasteners from tube head, each link intersecting end were greater than 10 cm. 9, scaffolding, places such as when we have the power cord or electrical equipment need to comply with safety distance, the erection and dismantling adopt measures to stop sending. When acceptance of 10, scaffolding, appearance inspection should be made for all parts and shall practise a system of acceptance and quotation. Before 11, scaffolding, need to rack tubes, fasteners, rafts, check, wire rack severe bending tube, fastener severe corrosion, crack, raft and decay, are to be scrapped shall not be used. 12, scaffold can not be directly set on the floor of insensitive and without calculated adding load on the structure of the part, or to fix scaffolding and scaffolding on the structure of the building is not very strong, Such as the rail, pipe, etc. ) 。 13, scaffolding and scaffolding each other should be connected firmly. The two ends of the scaffolding shall be put on the rail, fixed firmly. Scaffolding is allowed to have joint in a span. 14, scaffolding and ramps plate to spread on the frame rail. 15, scaffolding should be equipped with solid ladders, so that staff from top to bottom and transporting materials. With a lifting device when lifting heavy objects, not the lifting device and connected to the structure of the scaffold. 16, set scaffold erection of scaffolding work leaders for inspection and issue a written confirmation shall use the rear. Repair work should check daily use, head of the scaffolding and scaffolding, defects, if any, shall be immediately repaired. 17, conveniently is strictly prohibited to use barrel, wood, brick and other building materials take a temporary planks instead of regular scaffold. 18, prohibit disorderly pull wires on scaffolding. When need to install the temporary lighting, MuZhu scaffold should add insulator, metal tube scaffold should be another set of wooden cross arm. 19, installing metal scaffolding, banning the use of bending, flattening or cracked pipes, each successive part of the pipe to be intact, in case of dumping or mobile. 20, metal scaffolding poling, need vertically on the plate, to the ground in front of the settlement plate ramming, leveling. Stud should be set on the column, column base is on the floor by pillar base plate and welding pipe is made. 21, metal tube scaffold joint, the application of special hinge overlap each other, this kind of hinge is suitable for the right Angle, can also be applied to acute and obtuse Angle ( Used to brace, etc. ) 。 Connect the components need to tighten the hinge between the bolt. 22, scaffold board needs to be fixed on the metal scaffolding beam. 23, when the mobile scaffolding, scaffolding all staff have to come down, someone working on the ban mobile scaffold. Ok, small make up here! Hope the above content is useful to you, after all, security issues, respectable lick! 【 Shizhan scaffolding 】
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