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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Sichuan aba single tube aluminum alloy scaffolding is selling rental, welcome to consultation. Tengda security technology research and development company is mainly engaged in products of aluminum alloy scaffolding, button scaffolding, bowls button, buckle type, door type, steel pipe scaffold, fiberglass enclosures platform ladder, fiberglass kung fu stool, super day cage ladder, fast loading scaffolding, ladders, handrails stairs, straight ladder safety construction equipment products, all products through the United States ANSI, surveyor SGS certification, accord with Europe and the United States EN, Australia AS quality certification testing. Unique production technology, professional testing standards, confidential processing formula, let tengda security quality to the next level of science and technology, is the domestic high altitude in a small number of professional equipment manufacturers. 1, compared with other types of scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding extensive growth prospects. Aluminum alloy scaffolding has many advantages, such as: light, high strength structure; Lunch fast transportation and installation; High safety, can be combined at random set-up; Maintenance cost is low; High anticorrosive; Such as, how to correctly choose aluminum alloy scaffolding? Sichuan aba single tubular scaffold for aluminum alloy round 2, scaffolding, the quality of the component itself: steel pipe used in the vertical rod and bar should not have crack, scarring, layered, dislocation, hard to bend, burr, indentation and deepening of stroke. 3, frame should be done before setting nursing, rust and uniform coating, strive to colour environment beautiful. Bottom-up device small bar, small diagonal, then equipment end minimum two sets of vertical structure. ( 4) Steel pipe need coated with anticorrosive paint. Here we mainly put forward four proposals. 4, should avoid as far as possible, and the lower at the same time for homework. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, by a single lever of aluminum tube, there is no limit to the height, more flexible than portal scaffolding, applicable to any height, any site, any complicated engineering environment. In the context of the current vocational, tengda scaffolding brand has a unique talent, skills, capital, and the advantages of the date of delivery, able to provide professional market a steady stream of cost-effective products. Sichuan aba single tube type aluminum alloy scaffolding 7, even the wall: in strict accordance with the two step three across Settings, brush yellow paint and spray 'stop to remove' warnings.
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