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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Sichuan door type fast loading type aluminum alloy frame work phone number: 18420150310 although the said notices are learning, but we live in a world, a lot of every day to see, use, couldn't understand, a person is really very small, one's life is very short, can understand things far less. Button scaffold used in television, stage light often can see some in CCTV or other television programs, operation frame, lights is to use the button scaffold, however, the industry generally rhea, generally referred to as the common basic won't pay attention to the audience. Button scaffold used in stage lighting stand don't watch TV, even to the scene, not the personage inside course of study, will not focus on the scaffold this stuff, but this thing is familiar in the field of stage product, but just in the field of building construction is widely recognized and applied gradually, at the same time, haven't seen a lot of people see. Button scaffold used in stage lighting the same products, in different fields, recognised degree is not the same as the scaffolding used often in the performance, and has been gradually recognized in the field of construction, why? A few years ago, although button scaffold is safe, beautiful, but because of using Q345B material, hot galvanizing technology on inside and outside surface treatment at the same time, so for the traditional scaffolding, just outside surface USES the paint processing, even not to brush paint, the cost is relatively high. Because the last two years, steel prices continue to fall, fell below cabbage price, so the manufacturing cost is greatly reduced, at the same time, the construction industry for engineering construction safety value degree is higher and higher, brings button scaffold market development opportunities. Many people have a misunderstanding, said button scaffold cost is too high, in fact, if the manufacturing cost, must be higher than ordinary scaffolding, if the construction cost, it is not certain. Because buckle scaffold, bearing capacity is more than other scaffolding, can save some material, at the same time, it has saved a lot of artificial, in today's artificial rising wages, there is no doubt that this advantage will be more and more prominent. Because the erection is quick, save manpower, and both can shorten the construction period, save the time limit for a project to bring other invisible spending to reduce, income is very considerable. For example, saves the time of a day, to save fees, mechanical equipment, supplies, and so on comprehensive cost, if taken into account, it will be cheaper. Objectively speaking, for ordinary residential building project, general scaffolding fully able to cope with work, also it is not necessary to use button scaffolding, scaffolding or template for the tall space support, adopt button scaffold, the comprehensive cost will not be higher than common scaffolding, could be even lower. Although say dish buckle scaffold is often used in television, concerts and other performances, but no one will notice. Although application in construction site, few news reports, but widely attention, word of mouth. So, real gold does not fear the fire to, to accept the test of time, influence button scaffold in the construction sector will far outweigh the stage. Sichuan fast loading type of door type aluminum alloy frame work
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