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Simple analysis of the product use of aluminum

by:Shizhan     2020-05-27
Aluminum alloy light stand is also called truss stand. It is widely used in various evening parties, concerts, outdoor activities, etc. It brings cool lights to the program and also escorts the event with a very good quality and icing on the cake for the event. However, some customers are not very clear about the role of each component of the aluminum alloy light frame when using it, especially for the construction. So, what is the product use of aluminum alloy lighting racks? Below, the editor will give you a brief analysis! Base: First it is placed at the bottom of the light shelf, and then used to support the truss of the column, especially under the base is a movable leg, and then it can adjust the height of the shelf, because this is uneven to the ground The performance venue is very useful. And when using it, you can use screws to connect it to the reverse head, and you can even insert diagonally supported water balance bars into the holes around. Reverse head: The shape is a 1 meter truss with loose-leaf connections in the middle, and it can be rotated 180 degrees along the connection axis in the upper part. The role of it will be very convenient for the construction of truss, especially the relatively high lighting frame, if there is no inverted head, then use the ladder to assemble the nodes, and if the inverted head is very simple and convenient First, connect the aluminum alloy light stand of the column horizontally, then connect one side of the aluminum alloy light stand to the side of the head, and then fix the bottom side of the head to the base. The truss is erected, which is very labor-saving. Square sleeve: The role of the square sleeve is to connect the column and the beam aluminum alloy light frame, so when we use the hand hoist to pull the square sleeve, it can drive the beam to move up and down. But because this is equipped with a pulley inside the square sleeve, it can allow the square sleeve to slide vertically along the direction of the column. The square sleeve is different from other six-sided joints because the six-sided joint cannot be moved up and down after connecting the beam, while the square sleeve can be moved. Hand chain hoist: First, it is fixed on the crossbar of the column light frame, and then the side is connected to the beam aluminum alloy light frame, then the zipper is pulled by hand, and finally the beam aluminum alloy light frame is pulled up.
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