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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Sanming fast loading scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 ( 1) Single row scaffolding shall not be used for the following in masonry engineering: 1) Masonry wall thickness is less than 180 mm; 2) Adobe wall, hollow brick wall, light wall, with lightweight insulation composite wall and on the scaffold entity on one side of the cavity wall thickness is less than 180 mm; 3) Masonry mortar strength grade is less than the M1. 0 of the wall. ( 2) In the following parts of the wall shall not be left foot hand-eye: 1) Beam and beam pad under and around the 240 mm; 2) Width of less than 480 mm between window and wall brick column; 3) Each side wall corner within the scope of 360 mm; 4) Not allowed to keep the part of the rims of construction drawing on regulations. ( 3) In the following parts of the wall shall not leave a size greater than 60 mm & amp; 次; 60 mm feet hand-eye: 1) More than brick beam and beam end into 60 ° Angle of the triangle range; 2) The wall between the window of width less than 620 mm; 3) Within the scope of the 620 mm per side wall corner. 9. Use other rules on strengthening rod parts under normal circumstances, the ban on different material and connection rod scaffold fittings mixed. When the frame of scaffolding rods used capacity can't meet the needs of the construction and ensure safety, and other scaffolding rod accessories or other bar must be used to strengthen, shall comply with the following provisions: ( 1) A mixture of reinforce bar, when its specification and connection way not at the same time, shall replace the original scaffold accessories; basic framework of the structure of the stem ( 2) Combination of reinforce bar, must be reliable connection rod is connected with the original scaffold; ( 3) A mixture of large area to the mixture of strengthening poling, stud should be with the original uniform poling stagger, since the base continuous set up to use the same type flat bar and diagonal form the overall architecture and reliable connection with the original scaffold bar and ensure that the load and strengthening the role of the original frame overall stability; ( 4) A mixture of low alloy steel and carbon steel bar, should pass strict design and calculation, and shall not be set wrong sanming fast loading in the erection of scaffolding
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