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Site landslides in sichuan branching channel - two workers were buried confirmed death Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
After excavation found the victims at the scene. Cover news reporter shi jie li xin feng on November 3 at 1 around 20 points, the branching channel of sichuan county longteng lake wetland park a site, after more than seven consecutive hours of rescue, two trapped persons was found by rescue workers. Unfortunately, confirmed by the medical staff on-site, two people have died. On November 2, around 5 PM, the site collapsed during pipe jacking construction, two workers were trapped. According to the staff involved in the rescue, after the accident, the local emergency rescue, because the trapped persons position from homework mouth up to tens of meters, rescue workers dig down then collapsed directly from above. In the end, after digging down for about four or five meters, discovered the bodies of two workers. 120 rescue site. According to jiajiang county emergency management agency bulletin: on November 2, when 17 about 30 points, in the direction of S103 line into the city, the construction engineering co. , LTD chengdu sharp pipe jacking construction site landslides occur, causing two site construction personnel trapped. Case happens, branching channel the county, the county government immediately start emergency plans, cities and counties related leaders and departments immediately to the scene to carry out emergency rescue. As of 3, 1 in the morning when 20 points, two people trapped in high stories have found, confirmed by the 120 site without vital signs. Related affairs and the investigation is underway.
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