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Socket plate buckles type steel pipe support, break fast is what, want to see who's faster RMB socket type plate fastener type steel tube scaffold RMB RMB gantry scaffolding custom - button scaffolding Jiangsu Shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
This article from: jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD. ; Website: http://www. atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? Cpid = 17, reproduced please include this site keywords: socket plate buckles type steel pipe support, button scaffold, gantry scaffolding customization. Socket plate buckles type steel pipe support build-up and dismantling what are the requirements? 1, socket, button type steel pipe formwork support bar set-up location shall be fixed according to the special construction scheme, pay-off, shall not be any build-up. 2, socket type plate buckles type steel pipe formwork set-up, horizontal direction should first according to the requirement of the vertical pole position arrangement adjustable base, then insert four poling, level pole, diagonal through the wedge on the buckle joint bolt hooking on the stud connection plate to form the basic unit, and then extend outward supporting system for the erection of the whole. Vertical direction should be set-up time after take a layer to layer, and so on. 3, adjustable base, and plate should be placed on the positioning line, accurately and keep level, plate should level off, without warping, which has crack plate shall be adopted. 4, stud should through the stud connection casing connection, and at the same level within the location of the adjacent stud connection joint should be staggered; Horizontal bar buckle joint and connection plate by bolt connection, should use a hammer blow tight bolt, ensure reliable horizontal rod connected to the stud. 5, after each take a step the formwork, should be timely correction step horizontal pole spacing, longitudinal and lateral distance of poling, the level of the vertical deviation and horizontal rod stud deviation. The vertical deviation control stud should not greater than H / 500, and shall not be greater than 50 mm. 6, socket button type steel pipe plate should be to match the template construction, support build-up can use adjustable base and adjustable bracket bottom die elevation adjustment. 7, building multi-level continuous construction of the floor slab, should guarantee the lower supporting rod on the same axis. 8, support build-up is completed before concrete pouring should by project technical director organize relevant personnel to acceptance, in line with the special construction scheme is pouring concrete. 9, the frame body should be according to the construction plan design of demolition demolition order. Demolition job need according to build after the demolition, before they are put down first principle, from the top down one by one, it is strictly prohibited on the lower removal at the same time. Components should be dismantled into bundle of lifting or artificial transmission to the ground, it is forbidden to throw. 10, block, the discrete surface dismantled, should determine the boundaries of technology processing plan, ensure section after the temporary structure stability. Our factory provide socket plate buckles type steel pipe support, products all parts are hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, durable, beautiful and easy, is the construction industry and decoration industry ideal auxiliary construction equipment, 15 - platform area 40 square metre, especially suitable for narrow place, complex shape of buildings, parking lot, entrances and exits, gate house, billboards, etc, decorate, building maintenance.
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