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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Qingyuan where there is hot galvanizing plate buckle contact telephone: 18420150310 socket scaffold shuttering system manufacturers. Socket type steel pipe scaffold with novel, beautiful, solid plug and socket as fittings, cast steel welding of Q235 steel pipe family member, poling is at the beginning of a certain length of pipe welding at regular intervals on a socket ( The following figure structure) Having tube connection rod, the top belt. Bar is in the steel pipe welding plugs on both ends. Stud for vertical stress bar, through the cross bar Rachel of stents. Also the connection of the bracket, able to withstand bending moment, shearing and torque, the overall stability of good space framework. Characteristics and applicable scope 1, 2 has enough mechanical strength, stiffness and stability, safe and reliable work; 2, node, the different connection degrees, self-locking ability, flexible installation simple and quick, easy to grasp, workers pitched, demolition work efficiency than bowl multi-function scaffold around three times, can save the labor, energy and time. Construction process, opened, closed channels at any time; 3, low cost, To speed up the construction progress, shorten construction time limit for a project) , the same conditions of large space three-dimensional scaffold, consumption of the new building quick release stent materials less than type bowl multi-function scaffold, same specifications single bar weight is lighter than type bowl multi-function scaffold; 4, stents, the most suitable template keel early by early can be a lot of save keel, formwork and scaffold pole piece, save about 30%; 5, strong and durable, plug sockets are not afraid to fall, not easy to be cement casting die, easy to transport, easy to count. No loose parts loss at the same time, lower than type bowl multi-function scaffold loss. The applicable scope 1, building template engineering ( Including road &bridge construction) Support; 2, the outer walls of the high and low buildings construction scaffolding and scaffolding of the ship building industry; 3, decoration engineering, and construction installation works, such as high work platform; 4, exhibitions, concerts, games and other temporary use of the stage, the construction of the balcony, advertising, etc; 5, the construction unit flow barrack; 6, large, medium and small warehouse shelves ( Three-dimensional shelf) 。 Qingyuan where there is hot galvanizing plate buckle manufacturer
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