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Socket type button scaffold design motivation is not pure, socket type button scaffolding, scaffold for indoor decoration

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Socket type button scaffold design 'aim is to ensure that the template, the wood and support in the new pouring concrete and construction loads, such as the operation has enough strength, stiffness and stability of bracket. That is on the premise of guarantee the quality of construction safety and engineering, the rational use of material, in order to reduce investment, convenience of operation, in order to improve the work efficiency and civilization construction and on-site management. Socket type button scaffold design, needed to prepare a variety of materials, such as the structure construction drawing, construction organization design or construction technology scheme, etc. Socket type button scaffold according to site conditions, determine the template (the material, and prepare relevant construction specifications, design specifications and technical data, to determine the mechanics performance of various materials, such as elastic modulus, intensity index and its calculation section mechanical properties, etc.                                

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