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Socket type button spacing bar scaffold bracing low socket type button scaffold low - jiangsu construction scaffolding low indoor decoration the scaffold

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Socket type button spacing bar scaffold bracing is to have cultured, below is our details. 1, stud, big bar, small bar bar spacing should comply with the rules and requirements of construction plan. When meet at the gate of the place such as the spacing between the need to increase, should be stipulated in the specification for reinforcement. 2, stud is a major force bar scaffold, uniform spacing should be set, can't increase the spacing, or reduce the vertical rod bearing capacity; Main rail interval changes are directly affect the scaffolding carrying capacity, when the interval from 1. 2 increased to 1 m. 8 m, the critical load by 27%. 3, bracing is one of the important measures to prevent scaffolding longitudinal deformation, setting up reasonable bracing can also enhance the overall stiffness of scaffold, improve more 12% bearing capacity than the scaffold. 4, lateral bracing. Scaffolding, height more than 24 m, in order to enhance the stiffness of scaffold transverse plane, can be in the middle of the scaffold to the corner and along the longitudinal every six across, added a diagonal in horizontal plane, making it the & other; Throughout the &; The font or & other Ten & throughout; The font. When meet the operational layer can be temporarily removed, should be timely transferred to other layers complement set. Socket type button bar spacing of scaffold and bracing as everybody understand the socket type button scaffold good help, welcome to inquire.
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