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Socket type button twin exclusive scaffolding structure requirement have? - Jiangsu fast loading aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold wholesale - Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy foot

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Jiangsu fast loading aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold wholesale and contact phone number: 18420150310 as an engineering construction personnel to double exclusive scaffold is familiar with, but with a button scaffolding to erection of scaffold outside the time is not long, and experience relative to the fastener type steel pipe scaffold is much less, that today we have see the insert button type steel tube double exclusive scaffolding structure requirement have? 1, buckle with socket type disc type steel tube scaffold erection of double-row scaffold, can choose according to the requirement frame body geometry size, the adjacent level interval appropriate chooses 2 m, poling longitudinal distance appropriate chooses 1. 5 m or 1. 8 m, and should not be greater than 3 m, poling horizontal spacing should be 0. 9 m or 1. 2 m。 2, scaffolding first layer, the length of the vertical rod should adopt different poling staggered, wrong to open bar vertical distance should be not less than 500 mm, when you need to set up the pedestrian passage, should comply with the provisions of the rules in article 4, at the bottom of the vertical rod should configure adjustable base. 3, socket type plate fastener type steel tube scaffold to expand from the tower, the corner of rectangular parts should set the vertical diagonal between the stud. When used as a scaffold outside the channel didn't set the diagonal. 4, when set up double row scaffolding pedestrian passageway should be set up on the upper channel support beam, beam cross section size is determined according to span and bear the load calculation, and channels on both sides of the scaffold should be added a diagonal; On both sides of the hole at the top of the protective plate should be laid closed, shall set up safety net; Through the hole of the motor vehicle, you must set up security warning and anti-collision facilities. 5, each step of double-row scaffold pole layer, when no hooks to steel scaffolding strengthening layer on the horizontal stiffness, should every five diagonal cross set level. Double row scaffolding level 1 - poling diagonal Settings; Level 2 - diagonal; Level 3 - rod 6, even the wall piece set shall meet the following requirements: can be placed on system stability in the waist of the holster or in the tool bag. Bowl buckle joint by joint on button bowl, the bowl, bar and the upper bowl limit pin, etc. 1 even the wall is a must adopt rigid bar may withstand the compressive load, even the wall with the scaffold facade and the wall should be kept vertical, the same layer of the wall should be in the same plane, not horizontal spacing should be greater than 3 across; 2 even wall pieces should be set in a horizontal bar button next to the node, points to the button node distance shall not be greater than 300 mm; Using steel fasteners do even the wall bar, even the wall rod should adopt right-angle fastener poling and connectivity; 3 when the scaffolding set-up even wall bottom is no piece of application fastener steel pipe erection of support. Throw poles with the scaffold shall be submitted to long bar reliable connection, and the inclination of the ground between 45 ° ~ 60 °, throw set-up rear can dismantle should stay on the wall. 7, scaffolding set shall meet the following requirements: 1 steel scaffolding button must be completely on the horizontal bar, the hook hook must be in locked state, the operation layer scaffold board shall spread; Layer 2 homework scaffolding frame body lateral should set foot and fence, barrier height should be 1000 mm, even set up two, and should be facade hung on the outside of the scaffold dense mesh net. 8, hang buckle type steel ladder should be set in size is not less than 0. 9 m1。 Within the framework of 8 m of scaffolding, steel ladder width 1/2 of the width of the corridor, the steel ladder can line up within a frame height; Steel bend shall set up steel scaffold board and armrest. Actually button scaffolding relative fastener type steel pipe scaffold outside do double bent advantage is very obvious, the first is highly is fastener type steel pipe scaffold erection of several times, saving time and labor for the second is, 3 it is beautiful and concise, four is bearing. So button scaffolding walls double bent but the best choice of the engineering construction. Jiangsu fast loading aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold wholesale
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