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Some dismantled scaffold pole steps?

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Scaffolding steel tube is often used to in construction engineering a tool, it in terms of disassembly, is how to operate? Under the jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD.  To tell you, oh. 1, the demolition process: Ann & rarr; Down the fence & rarr; Dismantle scaffold board & rarr; Open bar & rarr; Split longitudinal bar & rarr; Split shear brace & rarr; Tear open poling & rarr; Stick to the ground & rarr; Wipe out the fasteners & rarr; According to the specifications of stacking; 2, scaffolding removed before it is necessary for on-site technical personnel and professional security officer homework personnel safety technical disclosure, can remove operations; 3, it is necessary by pole and put down the pole 2 ~ 3 people coordinated operations, demolition of ledger, should by standing in the center of transfer bar down under, under the staff after receiving pole with secure prison, above personnel must let it go, it is forbidden to throw down the foot with hand material; 4, multi-layer scaffolding removal shall be carried out around the shafts of top-down, can not be together for homework or tandem with step type removal; After 5, homework personnel into the operational areas, should first check the scaffold a location bar, if found that there are no safety hazards, to make the necessary reinforcement, all kinds of information about the shelf deposite and waste to clean up after the beginning ability to remove homework; 6, stud, the extension of inclined rod rod withdrawal should be more than two people cooperation, banned homework alone; 7, remove the way may not change, such as replacement of personnel safety technical disclosure is necessary from the beginning; 8, if the day is not split out, in time to remove a part to make the necessary reinforcement, when left to avoid dangerous form to settle the safety accident; Line 9, security personnel shall not midway private leave, it is necessary in a scaffolder talents to leave after complete evacuation and check no safety hazards.                                

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