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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Aluminum alloy scaffolding compared with traditional steel pipe scaffold to enhance the safety function, but can't correct operation aluminum alloy scaffolding, which will also bring great danger to safety, establish and aluminum alloy scaffolding operation should pay attention to what? one Establish a careful inspection before, do not there is something wrong with the operation of aluminum alloy scaffolding, out of line is out of shape, not aluminum alloy scaffolding of the operation. two Flat, the operation of the scaffolding must ensure that foundation to ensure that the foundation can accept the pressure of the scaffolding, should adjust on ground refuses to accept the whole aluminum alloy scaffolding caster wheel, makes the whole tower in a degree. 3. Quality of aluminum alloy scaffolding is lighter, watch the show in the high wind, wind or intermediate breeze under the conditions of operation. Four. Staff is needed to establish a and high altitude work have belts, work area surrounding syndrome with safety net, avoid falling weight, injuring others. Five. Independent operation, high tower through high, it is necessary and in accordance with the designated device set inclined support may be attached to the frame. Six. Operation process pay attention to safety, ban on tower roughhousing, du not confound attack. Seven. Operation after the demolition of aluminum alloy scaffolding, should be fully checked before dismantling. Open it should be according to the passed down from the operation. Eight. Operating apart after finishing check components, accessories, lunch next operation. Nine, the scaffold should be placed on the ground of fortitude smoothly, stop in no skid and fixed equipment on the general situation of the ice, snow or slippery ground. Ten lessons when stop stop, the maximum bearing quality, Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding channel plate bearing with maximum operating bearing, please hope for. Eleven, aluminum alloy scaffolding is conductive to avoid close to charged. Twelve, climbing, people should be inside the aluminum alloy scaffolding prostrate, prohibit outside of the aluminum alloy scaffolding prostrate, avoid aluminum alloy scaffolding heeling. 13. Scaffolding generally leave about the height of 1 meter as a barrier, not stand in the top of the course, should be guardrail care under the environment of the lessons. Aluminum alloy scaffolding advantage of the combination of 'building block' planning structure, standardization of components, no parts. Without any device, two workers in a short period of time can build a height of 20 meters overhead working channel. Light weight, easy to device, transfer and storage. Scaffolding weight only about 1/3 of the traditional steel scaffolding, do not need to worry a crush on the ground.
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