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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Golden aluminum alloy scaffolding rental which cheap phone number: 18420150310 aluminum alloy scaffolding aluminum scaffolding features: 1, light weight, portable, sturdy aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy scaffolding parts light weight, easy installation, handling and storage. 2, strong carrying capacity, each layer can carry 272 - tower work platform 600 kg weight. 3, easy installation and removal, several workers in a relatively short period of time can be set to a height of 20 meters of aerial work platform, do not need any installation tools. 4, mobile convenience is equipped with high strength belt brake casters, mobile and locking can be arbitrary, aluminum alloy scaffolding for continuous use in different work sites. 5. Strong applicability, high free adjustment, can be used based on the stairs, stair and complex terrain. 6. Resistance to corrosion, all parts are processed with special anti-oxidation and maintenance-free, joint for a solid casting, parts of high precision, service life of aluminum alloy scaffolding products up to more than 10 years. Steel pipe scaffold characteristics: 1, by load variation; 2, fasteners, belong to semi-rigid connection nodes and node rigid size is associated with fastener quality, installation quality, node performance there is a big variation; 3, scaffolding structure and component of initial defects, such as initial bending of bar, rust, erection of dimension error, the eccentric load is bigger; 4, and the wall connection, bigger binding variation on the scaffold. Visible: aluminum alloy scaffolding to compare iron shelf; Has the light quality, component, the use of safe, the advantages of long years; Golden aluminum alloy scaffolding rental which is cheap
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