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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
To strengthen the construction site civilization construction management, field capacity and improve construction site and environmental air quality, according to the urban environment in hebei province field capacity and special operation plan, improve and refine standards, earnestly implement the system, further strengthen the consciousness of dust control and implementation of enterprise main body responsibility, earnestly do a good job in environmental protection in construction engineering construction site dust pollution control, the implementation of the hebi city housing and urban and rural construction bureau building construction dust control special action by the company and sign the responsibility of the project manager. A, the project manager responsible for first, unified arrangement departments responsible work. Second, responsibility, target: achieve the municipal civilized construction site safety standards to the construction site. Three, the project department according to the construction of hebi city engineering construction site dust control, safe and civilized construction management regulations and relevant provisions of the construction safety inspection standards '( JGJ59- 2011). Rules requirements, special measures for dust control scheme. Four, dust control must formulate corresponding measures to the following aspects: 1, the construction site setting tank and heavy shajing, vehicles out of the construction site to do a good job of cleaning before, to ensure that no pollution to environment. 2, construction waste, living garbage pickup, covering, banned the burning garbage. 3, living quarters, the scene have spare space greening, soil, vegetation protection. 4, the construction of road dust controlling. 5, floors, and cleaning dust control in areas such as the scaffold. 6, construction machines and tools ( Stone cutting, woodworking planer, etc. ) The use of dust control. 8, the type of work for the day's dust, mortar, such as cleaning. 9, cement and other easy to float in the sky of fine particle medium material storage, cover. 10 burn construction waste, construction site is strictly prohibited. Other (11, According to the situation of construction site, need to dust governance) 。 Five, the project manager will be implemented according to this responsibility seriously, if can not meet the target, the company will be accountability. Anyang city construction engineering co. , LTD. : person in charge: xun county city PengGai WeiXi community housing project the project department: responsible: year month day
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