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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Jiangsu aluminum alloy scaffolding company contact phone number: 18420150310 in recent years, around the scaffolding accidents often occur, one of the main reason is that the scaffold tower was not conducted in accordance with the provisions, check and acceptance of each link does not reach the designated position, made a significant on construction safety hidden trouble. Construction personnel should correct their own subjective attitude, cannot careless on details. Collected standard scaffolding set-up requirements and technical requirements of note, detailed as follows: 1 scaffolding requirements. Scaffolding set-up must be in accordance with the approved plan and site of disclosure requirements, it is forbidden to cut corners, strictly abide by the erection process, deformation or may not be corrected material as a stud. 2. Scaffold erection process, the site must have the skilled technical personnel shift instruction, and are certified safety inspection supervision. 3. It is strictly prohibited in the process of the scaffold erection cross homework up and down. To take concrete measures to ensure the safety of materials, parts, tools, transfer and use, and according to the actual conditions in the traffic crossing, safe operating area below have sentinel surveillance. 4. Scaffolding set-up, must cooperate with construction schedule a build-up height shall not exceed the adjacent wall pieces ( Anchor point, etc. ) The above two steps. 5. Scaffolding, springboard, guardrail, even the wall, Anchorage, upon the wind, etc. ) , safety net, such as traffic ladder must follow up at the same time. 1. The technical requirements for scaffolding Scaffolding in meets the requirement of structure size at the same time, should meet the following security requirements: ( 1) Frame structure stability, construction unit no shortage of basic stable architecture rod parts; Whole set by the regulation diagonal bracing, even the wall or brace, pull and parts; In the channel, the mouth of the cave, and other needs to increase size ( Height, span) Or ChaoGuiDing under load, according to the need to set up to strengthen bar or structure. ( 2) Reliable connection nodes, bar intersect position conform to the stipulations of the node structure; The installation of attachment and fastening force conform to requirements. ( 3) Scaffolding steel pipe according to the design requirements for lap or docking, end fastener cover plate edge and the rod end distance should be not less than 100 mm, lap joint should be used when no fewer than two fixed rotating buckle, when no specification of the lap length should not be less than 50 cm ( Formwork support frame pole lap length should be not less than 1 m) 。 This paper label: scaffolding scaffolding, aluminum alloy scaffolding company in jiangsu
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