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Stage introduction installation and type introduction

by:Shizhan     2020-03-09
Stage art refers to the art performed on the stage, which mainly includes art forms such as drama (including opera), quyi, music, dance, acrobatics, magic, martial arts, etc. Stage art director refers to the creation and director of various arts mentioned above. Installation method is divided into movable installation and fixed installation Active installation: The ground rubber and the ground rubber are bonded together (or not connected) with a special connection belt provided by Wumei ground rubber manufacturers, and the ground rubber is not bonded to the ground to facilitate future movement. It can be laid on the flat cement floor, marble tile, terrazzo, epoxy floor, wooden floor and other floors. The surface interface can be welded with special PVC welding rod to achieve seamless smoothness. Fixed installation: 粘接 Partial bonding: the ground adhesive edge line is used as the reference to inwardly bond the ground with the manufacturer's special connection tape to form a whole ⒉ Full glue bonding: All the glued joints on the ground under the glue are bonded with the ground by the manufacturer's special connection tape. Specific paving method 地面 The paving floor must be flat and clean. ⒉ Arrange the ground glue in order, align and merge, pay attention to the overall effect of the site during the pavement process. 翻 Open the two adjacent pieces of adhesive tape along the joint, and place the special connecting tape provided by the manufacturer on the lower side of the joint. First, glue one of the adhesive tape to half of the adhesive tape, and then glue the other adhesive tape to Close the gap on the remaining connecting straps. Stage classification: Telescopic stage It is mainly used in dance halls, fashion show halls, restaurants, night clubs, clubs and other entertainment venues. In order to expand the tabletop and increase the entertainment atmosphere, the stage can protrude from the main stage and level up a plane with the main stage, so that the performers have more performance space and approach the audience to achieve various special effects. When not in use, the stage can be retracted into the main stage, increasing the area of ??the stage. The telescopic leveling stage adopts a rack and pinion or chain transmission mechanism, and adopts a set of power drive, which can achieve telescopicity and automatically level the main stage. High transmission accuracy, accurate positioning and stable operation. The track surface is made of special materials to reduce friction and noise. The accumulator is used to reduce vibration, so that the stage is stable and the noise is low when the stage is leveled. Revolving stage The necessary stage equipment for modern song and dance performances can improve the performance of the drama. The revolving stage is gradually applied in modern disco halls, dance halls and fashion show halls. In order to match the changing lights of strong-tempo music, the stage is required to be able to rotate, let the audience be immersed, and participate in the automation of stage rotation in acoustic lighting, instead of the traditional stationary stage. Adopt the automatic compression friction wheel The transmission mechanism or gear transmission mechanism or pin tooth transmission mechanism has the functions of reversible rotation, stepless speed regulation and accurate positioning. Lift the stage It is mainly used in disco halls, dance halls and other entertainment places that need lifting functions. In order to meet the needs of performers and singers, it is hoped that the stage of the entertainment venue can rise slowly, highlight the dynamic effects of the performers and singers, improve the grade, and increase the overall entertainment atmosphere. Large-stroke lifting stage: Adopting a screw-chain heavy chain transmission mechanism, multi-stage lifting. The movement is stable and can be locked at any position.
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