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Steel cantilever scaffold should pay attention to the problem of what? - Datong galvanized scaffolding - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer focus

by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Datong galvanized scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 a, cantilever beam spacing not according to the cantilever frame body poling longitudinal distance set the construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications 'JGJ130 - 20116. 10. 9 cantilever beam spacing should be according to the cantilever frame body poling longitudinal distance setting, each longitudinal distance setting one. Second, the cantilever beam anchorage which do not conform to the requirements, or rebar as U shape steel anchor ring 6. 10. 2 end of a cantilever beam should be in two or more fixed on the reinforced concrete beam and slab structure. Anchorage steel cantilever beam TAB or u-shaped steel anchor bolt should not be less than 16 mm diameter. 6. 10. 3 used for anchorage of u-shaped steel TAB or bolt should is made of cold bending forming. U-shaped steel TAB, anchor bolt and steel steel wedge or hardwood wedge wedge clearance application. 3. 5. 2 U for fixed steel cantilever beam reinforcement TAB or anchor bolt material should be consistent with existing national standards of the reinforced concrete with steel in the first part: hot rolled round bar 'light GB1499. The rules of the level 1 HPB235 reinforcement. Three closed lax, cantilever layer 3. 8. The third paragraph of article 4 of the frame body bottom up along one edge of the building structure between the cantilever beam and cantilever beam measures should be taken to closed. Should be closed to the bottom shelf. Four, the external steel cantilever beam end is not set or steel wire rope rod and a layer structure suspension and 6. 10. 4 each external steel cantilever beam end should be set up or steel wire rope rod and sew knot on a layer of building structures. Wire rope, steel tie rod is not involved in cantilever beam force calculation; Wire rope and the structure of Rachel's rings should use HPB325 reinforcement, its diameter should not less than 20 mm, the suspension loop pre-embedded anchoring length should be consistent with existing national standard specifications for design of concrete structures GB50010 reinforcement anchoring in the rules. Scaffolding demolition demolition of a removable before, outside the frame is not ready for work 7. 4. 1 scaffolding dismantling should be according to the special design, dismantled before should make preparations for the following: 1, should be fully check the scaffold fastener connection, even the wall parts, such as supporting system is in line with the requirements; 2, should be based on test results complement the scaffold special schemes and measures in the demolition order, after examination and approval of the implementation; 3, before dismantling should disclosure for construction personnel; 4, the scaffold should be removed on the ground and debris barrier; Within the scope of the operation, set up a cordon; Scaffolding demolition should be someone monitoring work. Second, not according to scaffolding scaffolding demolition demolition order, removed 7 components directly thrown to the ground. 4. 2 single and double row scaffolding demolition work must be carried out step by step a top-down, forbidden and homework at the same time; Even the wall must be demolished along with step by step a scaffold, forbidden to connect a whole wall layer or layers of demolition and then dismantle scaffold; Piecewise demolition of height difference is greater than two steps, should add the wall reinforcement. 7. 4. When you discharge all the components are strictly prohibited thrown to the ground. Datong galvanized scaffolding
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