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Steel pipe fastener scaffold fastener system pipe with shelf? - Sales calls - garden work platform manufacturer Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding factory

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Garden work platform manufacturers selling telephone contact number: 18420150310 steel pipe fastener scaffold system is still the most used a scaffolding system, this kind of product need to use in the process of erection of steel pipe fastener. So, how much a ton of galvanized pipe shelf needs a scaffold fastener? 1, general steel pipe with a 180 - tonne 200 fasteners. 2, fasteners, generally refers to connect two artifacts in the middle of the connection parts, in the construction engineering for more outside diameter for Φ 48 mm steel tube feet hand fixed, fasteners are divided into rectangular fasteners ( Cross directional fasteners fasteners) Rotate the fasteners ( Activities fastener universal fasteners) Docking fastener ( A word fasteners fasteners directly) And so on. 3, the development of the steel pipe production technology began in the rise of the bicycle manufacturing, the early 19th century, the development of oil, during the two world wars ships, boiler, aircraft manufacturing, after the second world war thermal power boiler manufacturing, chemical industry and the development of oil and gas drilling and transportation, effectively driving the steel pipe industry in the development of varieties, yield and quality. Actually don't know how to calculate the specific also has nothing to do, when buying a lot of scaffolding manufacturers have professional technical people give you design, how much concrete and steel fasteners will be good and submit to you! Garden work platform manufacturer sales calls
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