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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Engineering set-up team set-up time, authors name m to m high acceptance level m to m in acceptance of the project acceptance content serial number shall be deducted points real scoring a professional security management 1 steel pipe scaffold must build had 10 points, in use should be regular inspection, maintenance, and recorded every five minutes. 152 H&le scaffold height; 24 m set-up plan must have 10 points, when the scaffold height H≥ 24m- When 50 m must have the erection scheme and calculation, a technical department for examination and approval of 10 points, scaffolding is required when H> 50 m by the examination and approval of construction organization design, calculation and piecewise unloading measures 10 points. Based 3 solid flat surface hardening treatment 5 points, no water five points. 104 poling bottom should set is not less than 50 mm thick plate five discrete rod forbidden impending, or 10 points. Material 5 48 mm diameter steel pipe should be adopted, mixed with 51 mm diameter steel pipe shall be forbidden to use found a 1 points. 106 new steel pipe production license and product quality certification 10 points, the steel pipe surface should be flat and smooth, no cracks, hard to bend and every 5 minutes, outer diameter of steel tube wall thickness shall be deviation & plusmn; 0. 5 mm, the old steel pipe surface corrosion depth does not allow deviation & le; 0. 5 mm, found a 1 points. 7 fasteners production license, test report and quality certificate 10 points, the old and new fasteners shall be antirust processing, intact, found a 5 points. Bar size 8 stud longitudinal distance, big bar interval should be in accordance with the requirements of specification, yet every 1 points, two adjacent stud connectors should not be set within the synchronization, staggered height should not be less than 500 mm, the joint between two root of ledger in sync with cross unfavorable setting, stagger distance should not be less than 500 mm found a 5 points. 10 ramps 9 height more than 6 m should use zigzag, corner should be a platform, the width is not less than 1. 5 m, slope is 1:6, ramps on both sides should be set 1. 2 m railings and 180 mm foot, pedestrian ramps should fortify the slider. 5 connection and support 10 even wall rod should be strong enough, can adopt flexible connection under 24 m, but it must be a pull, a spacing three across three steps, the vertical spacing is not greater than the tall buildings, < 4 m each of 10 points. Below 1511 bracing 24 m along the lateral aspect of scaffolding connection Settings from bottom to top, each bracing miss April across, clear distance is not more than 15 m in each group. More than 24 m bracing, vertical and horizontal direction along the scaffolds shall be set up in a row. Violation of a 10 points. More than 1224 m closed double row scaffolding, in addition to set the corner brace, should every 6 among the set a. Yet every 1 points. Acceptance of the project acceptance content serial number shall be deducted points real scoring 13 scaffolding bamboo frame plate plate frame board should be separated layer spread, each bamboo frame plate should be spread in two core rod, the four corners with a lead wire tie in the ledger, leaving 120 - metope 150mm。 Yet every 1 points. 5 protective 14 scaffold since the second step should be set up two consecutive protective railings, a foot, the rod is 1. Rod under 2 m, middle and foot height 180 mm, scaffolding laterally beyond the building main body should be set according to the requirements of specification, yet every 5 points. 1515 scaffolding federated eye network protection shall be set up since the second step, federated eye network should be binding is firm. Federated eye network purchase products production license, quality certification, impact resistance test report, yet every 5 points. The construction load and structure of scaffolding does not exceed 3000 n / ㎡, decorate the scaffold is not more than 2000 n / ㎡. Yet every 5 points. 15 in total 100 acceptance advice acceptance: acceptance date: year month day review opinions: review of the acceptance date: year month day acceptance conclusion review records, the acceptance table 1 shall be composed of full-time security officer, construction site technical director, site security officer, frame work upon the acceptance of common signature to take effect. 2, each order must be qualified to acceptance, if there is any unqualified item sequence, rectification should be limited time, after the review of qualified record. 3, the project department shall regularly check, found that the change should be handled in a timely manner, and in this table.
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