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Steel pipe scaffold, high - was more than materials Mobile scaffold - environmental protection Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Environmental protection of mobile scaffold contact phone number: 18420150310 steel pipe scaffold, good is more than a quick release scaffold materials on the strength of the support system completely meet the demand of high-rise buildings, easy installation and disassembly and highly flexible adjustment, less needed materials, revolving utilization rate is high, greatly reduce unnecessary to in the construction of the people, the labor, the waste. Steel pipe scaffold is a no wood square roof support technology, use steel instead of wood. On the one hand, protect the environment, protect forest resources, responded to an appeal by the state and enterprise's responsibility and obligation in terms of social responsibility, achieve the long-term development of the enterprise; On the other hand, from the perspective of customers, increase the service life of the product, reduce the corresponding amortized cost, reduce construction cost. In traditional construction, roof support is made from wood square and steel tube fixed, materials and artificial investment is very big, involve an experienced teacher to guide the operation. Labor alone is very huge, and can't be used (turnover four or five times, even if depreciation sold will take over the manpower, and residual value is small, price is very low. Instead of wood square and steel fasteners, let the template support construction becomes as simple as the building blocks. Construction process of steel tube scaffold will only make you more convenient and quick without any increase in trouble. Not only so, and product portfolio is simple, convenient disassembly, even if is the first time contact will not feel reluctant to understand, will be as simple to use and to like products. The mobile scaffolding of environmental protection
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