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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
1. Purpose: the steel pipe scaffold fasteners used in the installation process of specification for the process of test, to test the quality of the work under control. 2. Scope of application: this work instruction is applicable to construction projects of steel pipe for 48 nominal diameter. 3 mm of scaffolding, derrick and templates support the use of malleable cast iron or cast steel made fasteners, can also be applied to municipal, water conservancy, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal and shipbuilding and other projects of fasteners used in test. Nominal diameter of 51 mm steel pipe scaffold fasteners and with fasteners may be conducted shall be wi. 3. Responsibilities: fasteners measure the inspector responsible for the concrete implementation of fastener detection work. With the quality assurance manager is responsible for the test. 4. Job requirements: executive standard: GB 15831 - 2006 steel pipe scaffold fasteners. Fastener inspection: 1 fasteners in the main parts shall not have shrinkage porosity, slag inclusion, porosity and other casting defects. Fasteners should strictly cosmetic, stick and should be closely contact with steel tube, should guarantee the fastener resistance, tensile performance. 2 fasteners and mechanical properties of base should comply with the requirements of table 1. 3 appearance inspection for fasteners: 4 fasteners parts should not have cracks. Five of the flat and open distance shall not be less than 50 mm; When the pipe nominal diameter is 51 mm, shall not be less than 55 mm. 6 fastener surface convex ( Or concave) The high ( Or deep) Value should not be greater than 1 mm. 7 fasteners in contact with the steel tube parts should not have scale, other parts of the oxide skin area shall not be greater than 150 was. 8 riveting should firmly, there should be no crack. 9 T bolts and nuts shall comply with GB/T3098. 1 GB / T3098。 The provisions of the two. 10 activity site should be flexible rotation, rotating fastener two rotating side clearance should be less than 1 mm. 11 title product models, trademarks, production should be cast out in marked place, handwriting, clear pattern should be complete. 12 fasteners should be rust surface treatment ( Should not use bituminous paint) Heap, paint should be uniform appearance, there should be no paint or iron. 13 fastener surface sand holes should not be greater than 10 was more than 3, and the accumulative area should not be greater than 50 was. 14 fastener surface adhering sand area should not be greater than 150 mm
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