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Steel pipe scaffold is not used for a long time, how to effectively conduct cleaning work - The company dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Site for a long time to shut down, steel tube scaffold idle or exposed at the site easy to rust, rust is the main reason of the surface contact with air and water on the surface to form a layer of scale, rust. Steel rust will cause bearing capacity of reinforced concrete structures is reduced, the concrete structure durability performance degradation. Therefore, the construction site for a long time after shutdown, hot dip galvanized steel pipe scaffold cleaning work is very important. Now the site has the following five kinds of commonly used cleaning method, for your reference: 1) in the process of cold drawn or straightening blast cleaning (2) mechanical derusting descaling machine (3) (4) pickling (5) remove rust 1 cold drawn or rust removal in the process of straightening will surface oily be soiled, paint, dirt, scale, scale, such as clean, in order to be kept in cold drawing straightening and get rid of rust coating, can be in the range of allowable specification appropriately increase rate of cold drawn. 2 mechanical descaling machine cleaning derusting are frequently used in the present mechanical derusting machine, derusting efficiency is high, and relatively stable, the operation is simple, except the scaffold without scratches, rust and have environmental protection devices do not pollute the environment. Blast blast 3 blast blast is divided into dry and water, mainly particles erosion effect to achieve the surface clean. The this kind of method applies to a large number of cleaning work, can more thoroughly remove all the surface of the metal material, such as scale, rust and old paint film, high cleaning efficiency, good quality derusting. 4 pickling pickling, the use of acid liquid acid and metal oxide in chemical reactions, with metal oxide dissolution into ferric chloride or ferric sulfate, must be a lot of clean water after pickling and passivation. 5 manual derusting descaling by hand tools with scraper, wire brush, emery cloth, hammer, shovel, etc. , the general thickness of rusty spot with a hammer to knock loose with a shovel knife to remove. Advantage is convenient and flexible operation, low cost, the disadvantage is that the intensity of labor is big, low efficiency of rust removal. The scaffold is not used for a long time, in addition to the necessary cleaning work, to inspect the scaffold of each joint, crack or fracture phenomenon is found, should be timely reported to the superior for replacement.
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