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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Beijing professional aluminum alloy scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 steel pipe scaffold, made out of steel to steel pipe scaffold labor discipline aspect: (1) to participate in the project outside the frame, authors must hold relevant certificates. (2) shelves work must wear safety helmet, wear your seat belt, wearing non-slip shoes. (3) no homework after alcohol. (4) the fight event is prohibited. Material lifting aspects: (1) steel pipe scaffold fasteners must be loaded into the hopper inside the lifting. (2) steel, channel steel should be specifications after bind firmly, before lifting. (3) scaffold board lifting must be smooth with two wire rope tied, matter is lifting. Outside the frame build-up areas: 1 steel pipe scaffolding, outside the frame before the team should be familiar with the erection plan earnestly, in strict accordance with the construction plan and specification requirements. 2 channel spacing 1 installation. 8m. 3 cantilever layer must be fixed before concrete pouring channel steel of 16 embedded ring installed on board (phi Beam) And with the plate ( Beam) Do reliable binding reinforcement, embedded ring installation position of channel steel fixed end overhanging length should be controlled in 100 - - - - - - - 200 mm, and fixed firmly. Before the steel pipe scaffold erection shall carefully check, serious rust, free bending, steel pipe to ban the use of the eye. Beijing professional aluminum alloy scaffolding
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