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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Steel plate fastener scaffold ( Steel head and steel portal frame, steel rod hoisting frame alone, mixing station storage tank, high hoisting equipment, etc. ) Shall not be connected from 35 kv high voltage line 4. Within 5 meters area and distance within 1 ~ 10 kv high-voltage lines 3 meters. Install and use button scaffolding, steel to prevent contact with live parts. In the welding of steel scaffolding construction machine and concrete should be placed on the dry plate vibrator. Strict inspection through the scaffolding steel wires, and take safety measures. Electric welding machine shell and vibrator grounding or neutral protection measures should be taken. Construction work at night by lighting wire steel scaffolding, should use no more than 12 v low voltage power supply. 。 One, during the installation and use, will need the following through, or close to 380 volts, distance is not more than 2 meters of electric steel scaffolding must be closed or removed power, if not through the following measures to dismantle, the scaffold must have a power protection: ( 1) Steel wire and scaffolding insulation, and would be winding coil of wire and scaffolding firmly through the insulating layer, in order to avoid shock and friction. Big exam kappa associate constructor (predominate 2) Steel plate fastener scaffold to ground handling, such as vertical through the power line, or close to the steel scaffolding, power line should be at least 2 meters around the steel scaffolding horizontal connection, and connect the line at the bottom of the steel scaffolding vertical grounding; Such as electric power line and steel scaffolding parallel approached, should be near a Duan Gang scaffold in the horizontal direction of joint, and in every 25 meters on a repeat grounding. ( 3) Build-up in the fields, the slopes of the steel plate button scaffolding, steel portal frame, and steel derrick steel bar alone raise straight, such as transport aircraft, when lightning area or thunderstorm season, should set lightning protection equipment. 2, connect ShanQi the lightning rod, available from 25 to 32 mm in diameter, wall thickness is not less than 3 mm galvanized pipe or galvanized steel not less than 12 mm in diameter, is located in the four corners of the house, scaffolding rod, height of not less than 1 m, and the top all the bar should be connected, form the lightning protection network. When lightning rod assemblies on the vertical transportation should be higher than that of the middle rod joint on one side of the top is not less than 2 meters, ground wire is set in the rod bottom, and the hoist enclosure grounding. ( 1) You may refer to the setting of the grounding line and grounding about lightning protection grounding procedures. ( 2) In case of lightning or construction period will have big thunderstorm, steel plate buckles scaffold construction personnel shall be immediately from.
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