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Steel plate fastener scaffold technical specification and the strain - Common problems - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizh

by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
1) Build button scaffolding, in strict accordance with the 'building dish buckle steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications' ( JGJ231 - 2010). Requirements of the construction. 2) Before installation should strictly choose the steel tube, which severely corrosive, thin wall shall be adopted, severe bending crack of steel pipe. ( 3) Severe corrosion, deformation, fracture, bolt damaged fasteners shall not use, should from the new purchase to replace the bad. 4) Scaffolding must be the basis of good drainage, except in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, 5) On one channel steel high-rise steel pipe scaffold base, must be set up to stem connection protection, vertical rod ordinary a scaffold must be protected with bottom outlet 6) Unfavorable use steel tube socket as the bottom level of the vertical pole. ( 7) All the fastening torque of the fasteners to be of 45 ~ 55 n. m. 8) A small bar of the same height, corresponding staggered position, at the same time, the vertical rod and straight up and down ( 9) On the contrary, the diagonal and the long pole connection, you must use docking fastener. Overlapping method should be adopted. The length of two rotating fasteners should be connected. The overlap distance should be equal to two fasteners interval. No less than 0. 4m. 10) The main stem of scaffolding shall not be made from wood and bamboo high-rise building metal scaffolding rod. Building dish of fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specification, plate of steel pipe scaffold design and construction should be implemented in design and construction of national technical and economic policy, in order to achieve the advanced technology, reasonable economy, safety, and application, ensure the quality and standards. This specification applies to the ground ( Bottom support) Single or double row of design and construction of the steel pipe scaffold for industrial and civil building construction, and in the level of concrete structure construction template supporting design and construction. The construction. Single row scaffolding shall not apply to the next post: ( 1) The wall thickness is less than or equal to 180 mm; ( 2) Building height more than 24 m; ( 3) Empty bricks, aerated block of lightweight wall ( If the wall) ; ( 4) Masonry mortar strength grade is less than or equal to the M1. 0 brick wall. In front of the plate buckles type steel pipe scaffold construction, according to the provisions of this specification design calculation of the scaffold structure and the foundation bearing capacity of the stud, but 5 in this specification. 1. The provisions of article 5 of the case, design and calculate the corresponding bar no longer. Button type steel pipe scaffold before construction, should according to the provisions of this specification, formulation of construction organization design and construction. Button type steel pipe scaffold design and construction, in addition to the provisions of this specification, also should comply with the provisions of the state. Large deformation of scaffolding accident emergency measures ( 1) Foundation settlement caused by local deformation of scaffolding, on one pair of bent section a set of eight or bracing, and before the deformation zone is emissions set up a set of vertical pole. On the basis of solid and reliable, will provide in the eight words of scissors or waste on the basis of stable and reliable, 2) Will stay for stent deflection of cantilever beam deformation than specified value, and strengthen anchorage point after the cantilever beam, and by the u-shaped bracket support steel stents and u-shaped steel beam, to support the house. At the top. Embedded gaps between steel beam and steel ring, with horses. Tighten. Suspension beam end wire rope should inspect the root, ensure that all the fastening force. ( 3) On the unload and scaffolding of the local damage should according to the original plan of system development of unloading legal immediately restore, deformation part and bar should be correct. If the scaffold external deformation corrected, should be set between the opening 5 t trans, and according to the structure loosen the rigid contact. At the same time, tighten trans, rectify deformation, making hard pull connector, cable force and tighten the unloading point. Then evacuated, looking for professionals to evaluate repair, or demolish rebuild.
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