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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Why the player' Button scaffold 】 Developing so fast that button scaffold is the new members of the family of the scaffold, but pan scaffold both on quality and technology has a lot of ascension, button scaffold has a bright future in the future. 。 Why is this so, mainly because, in the modern construction industry, many enterprises are chose us for the development of the scaffold. 。 First of all, the design of the button scaffold safer, the single stem can bear the limit load of 20 tons, more than 8 tons of design load. Button scaffold, also has greatly increased the scaffolding for use for a long time, and the running deviation phenomenon, to avoid some unnecessary risk greatly, and at the time of the use button scaffold also saves time. 。 Especially in recent years, the scaffolding leasing industry is developing very rapidly, scaffolding rental market gets gradually the favour of various manufacturers, scaffolding can rent, temporary activities make many businesses have a lot of money and time, brought huge benefits to many developers, frequent accidents, but at the same time the scaffold construction surrounding shelves worried about potential safety hazard. In scaffold construction should take a series of protective measures, ensure the safety of construction personnel and people passing by. 。 To carry out the construction safety awareness, to build in the dish buckle scaffold erection of outer protective armor, the frame plates, through appearance protection frame construction is convenient, construction personnel walk to establish security guarantees, the vertical height of the shelf and construction of storey height consistent, in the erection of the construction personnel must have the safety consciousness, pay attention to your safety belt, the work high above the protective rope must be checked when the interface is strong, weak, weak, not allowed to take place. The construction process should be regulated to ensure safety, improve the work efficiency.
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