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Steel steel and aluminum frame the advantages and disadvantages compared The company dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
In the construction industry steel, steel and aluminum frame respectively occupied a certain market, so small make up to a few simple analysis of advantages and disadvantages. Steel is a lot heavier than aluminum frame. And easy to rust, fire prevention performance is poorer, high maintenance cost, energy consumption and high cost. Aluminum rigidity and intensity is very low, but aluminum can increase per unit volume of material to make up for it - Defects, thick aluminum basin has strong rigidity. Currently used in the aluminum frame of aluminum in order to guarantee the strength, adopt the use of thicker cast aluminum, increase the cross-sectional area, so most of the aluminum frame looks very straightforward but practicality is very good. Hob is easy to deformation in the process of transportation, probably because of the collision led to basin mild deformation, large-scale professional speakers rarely use the hob. Easy to rust, relative to other material, easy to rusty iron. Rust will make iron strength reduced greatly, reduce the service life. So a variety of means should be taken to prevent material iron rust. Iron is a magnetic conductor, in be used actually, basin itself may affect magnetic circuit design, especially the high thickness of hob. Scaffolding market trend is now use aluminium instead of steel material, aluminum alloy scaffolding as a new kind of materials, unique design, superb technology, mainly used for various aerial work, lighter parts, mobile and use is very convenient, its characteristic is very light in weight, good stability, is now mainly used in hotels, high floor, enterprise and all kinds of decoration. Is used to high maintenance, cleaning the good helper. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, like everyone with a ladder, it is more stable than the ladder. Adopts the modular combination ChengJinXing design, either from a tower, and cantilever structures, for not is very practical, the work high above the ground engineering installation is simple and easy to do, without any tools within an hour two skilled workers can be 10 meters of aluminum frame assembly. Aluminum alloy scaffolding installation does not need professional technical workers, greatly save the artificial cost in engineering construction. Shenzhen tengda the scaffold in the past 20 years all kinds of construction structures, made a lot of valuable experience in the case, such as Hong Kong Ocean Park for such a big project, within 15 days of time to build, all this is by far cannot do any other enterprises. Images of the scaffold was adopted by the project of steel pipe scaffold, the main factors for scaffolding collapse are taking on scaffolding load strength of a bar or a few bar is insufficient. As the scaffold of compressive rods instability will cause the sudden collapse of scaffold: scaffold collapse suddenly, is probably due to the sudden instability in some compressive rods of scaffolding scaffolding collapse. Tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding used T6 - shenzhen 6061 aluminium material, wall thickness is 2 mm, bearing of 272 kg per square meter, the bearing of the tower is 1000 kg. The aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold bearing for 3 tons. Is special aerial work platform construction.
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