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Steel structure housing system and different features of traditional architecture - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu sh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Steel structure housing system the characteristics of the steel structure housing compared with the traditional architectural form has the following characteristics: ( 1) As an application of bearing structure due to steel buildings, light weight, high strength. The weight of the steel structure construction of residential buildings is about half of the reinforced concrete residential, thereby reducing the weight of the building, reduce the vertical force component of architectural surface. The product is relatively small, can increase the use of the residential area, at the same time, due to the steel structure housing, big open deep column grid provides a flexible family split large space, in order to meet the different requirements of users. ( 2) High degree of industrialization, industrialization requires high steel structure residential structures are mostly in the factory of manufacture and installation, so as to realize the transformation from residential renovation to residential and promoted the extensive development of the housing. ( 3) Can greatly shorten the construction period and the noise and dust, and the resource consumption and the cost are reduced, compared with a reinforced concrete structure, the construction period is generally reduced half, so as to accelerate the investment benefit and reduce the turnover of funds, reduce the construction. ( 4) Seismic performance is good, because the steel is a kind of elastic material, greatly improve the safety and reliability of the steel structure, steel structure high strength, good ductility, light weight can greatly improve the structure of the stress performance, especially the seismic performance, from home and abroad after the earthquake, the collapse of the steel structure housing number is low ( 5) On the developing direction of building energy efficiency, steel insulation wallboard can replace clay brick as a framework to reduce the cement, the recycle of steel, steel structure belongs to the green building system. ( 6) Sand, steel and energy saving index can reach more than 50%, applied to iron and steel industry in China has opened up a new application market, also can drive the related new type steel pipe scaffold. In the steel pipe scaffold scaffold or down the house dismantled, should consult more vertical rod outside the frame is removed. Steel horse stool type in the dismantling of the sequence is: open frame board first, and then the support, the horse stool, and should follow after the first, after the first, after the first down, step the principle of a clear. Remove the steel pipe frame material should by workers of successive transfer to the personnel on the ground, site classification piled up by the regulation.
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