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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
( 4) Passages, channel plate of high activity and high equipment, shall be clean at any time, waste, and the remaining material should focus, and keep clear of in time, and shall not be arbitrarily means the place or cast down. ( 5) When there is ice and snow and after the typhoon rainstorm, measures should be cleared of snow and ice, and added a prevent slippery. Checked, and the safety facilities and field devices found abnormal situation, immediate measures high operating labor protection. ( 6) Cross homework personnel are not allowed to operate on the same vertical direction, to make the location of the upper and lower workers stagger, can make the location of the lower operating personnel in the tribal objects may fall outside the radius, when can not meet the requirements, shall set up safety isolation layer. ( 7) In the operation such as dismantling formwork, scaffolding, its lower part can not have other workers, prevent falling object cuts. Remove the template when piled up, not too close to the floor edge, should set aside not less than the safe distance of 1 m, stack height can't more than 1 m. ( 8) Structure construction since the beginning of the second floor, all staff in and out of the access points should be positioned to meet the requirements of specification protective shed, height more than 24 m crossover operation, protective casing for protection layer should be set up. ( 9) Enter the site must wear safety helmet, likewise, button and the correct use of personal labor protection appliances. ( 10) Each type of work such as the molding, painting, wall of build by laying bricks or stones, when upper and lower grade separation, operating on the same vertical direction is not allowed. Lower operating position, must be in May fall under the upper height range radius. Do not meet the above conditions, the safety protection layer should be set up. ( 11) Steel formwork and scaffolding demolition, the below may not have other operators. ( 12) Steel components of the template is dismantled, temporary stacking place should not be less than 1 m from the floor edge, stacking height should not exceed 1 m, floor and the place such as mouth, opening, scaffolding edge, do not pile up remove the object. ( 13) Because the construction may be falling objects or above in crane, within the scope of the rod rotation channel in the affected range, must build the top galleries can prevent the penetration of double protection. Second, use scaffolding operation safety measures and wind field of fuel ( Such as wood, etc. ) , flammable ( Add paint wood shavings, etc. ) , the explosive ( Oxygen and acetylene cylinder, etc. ) , careless use of fire, in violation of the provisions of fire prevention and fire prevention measures, it may cause fire, burn some materials, construction facilities and buildings, including various types of construction scaffolding. Bamboo, wood and scaffold bar, its main composition is cellulose. Bamboo and wood under the condition of normal temperature and ventilation not white. But if surrounded by fire or flame under high temperature, bamboo, wood pole, with the increase of temperature, bamboo, wood (precipitate thermal decomposition combustible gas Carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, etc. ) Content increase, under a certain temperature, burning up, spreading in a short period of time, harm the body and the surrounding material and structure. Must pay attention to the scaffolding of bamboo and wood fire. Steel pipe and other metal feet on frame, by electric spark, arc, or surrounded by flames, can make the metal bar is damaged, or even local fracture, threaten the stability of the frame body. Electrically isolated temperature can reach more than 3000 degrees, not only can make the wire insulating combustion, and can make the metal melting, is steel tube and metal scaffolding danger of fire. All kinds of scaffolding fire works closely with fire prevention measures of the construction site, main should do the following: 1) Scaffold should be placed near a certain number of fire extinguishers and fire protection system should have the basic knowledge of the basic way of using the fire extinguishers and fire. 2) Must be clear in time the rubbish structures around the scaffolding and 3) Near the scaffolding or scaffold temporary when hot, hot permit must be obtained beforehand for clean up the hot spot in advance or using non-combustible material separation, configuration fire extinguishers, and personnel supervision, and hot work cooperation and harmony. 4) Ban on smoking on the scaffold. Strict ban on foot or deposited near flammable, easy inflammable, explosive chemical materials and building materials. 5) Manage power and electric equipment, must stop production power, prevent short circuit, under the condition of charged maintenance or operation of the electrical equipment to prevent to produce electric arc or spark damage scaffolding, even fire, burning the scaffold. 6) Indoor scaffolding lighting lamps and lanterns should be paid attention to and the distance between the scaffold, to prevent long glare or overheating of lamps and lanterns, bamboo, wood bar fever burned, cause combustion. It is strictly prohibited in roasted and scaffold interior wall or the use open flame. It is forbidden to use the light bulb, halogen lamp fire heating and drying clothes, gloves, etc. 7) The use of fire, Electric welding and gas welding, burner, etc. ) According to fire regulations and the provisions of the construction units, construction units go through the formalities for examination and approval of the use of fire, approval and take some safety measures is allowed. After the completion of the work to be inspected scaffold, within the scope of the embers, whether damage to the scaffold, to ensure that no hidden dangers before must leave the job site
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