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Structural classification of aluminum alloy trusses

by:Shizhan     2020-03-11
Aluminum alloy trusses are distinguished by their structure and can be basically divided into aluminum alloy screw trusses and aluminum alloy quick-plug trusses. At present, domestic leasing companies generally purchase aluminum alloy screw trusses. With the continuous development of the stage market, the requirements for the rapidity of the construction of steel stage equipment are becoming higher and higher. Replaces aluminum alloy screw trusses. 1. Aluminum alloy trusses are more commonly used in specifications and sizes, such as 300 * 300MM, 400 * 400MM, 400 * 500MM, 400 * 600MM, 520 * 760MM, 600 * 760MM. I. The specific method for setting up a background wall with a square tube fixed truss is as follows: 2. First prepare all the aluminum alloy trusses, place them on the ground, and then use screws to connect the background frame to the ground. 3. Put a Polaroid around the background frame; For general small and medium-sized performance activities, only 300 * 300MM and 400 * 400MM are used. For large-scale performances, 520 * 760MM and 600 * 760MM are used. If the span exceeds 30 meters, a very large span is required. The first flyover plan is an aluminum alloy truss structure without a roof, located 40 meters east of the north gate of Hainan University; the second flyover plan is an aluminum alloy truss structure with a roof.
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