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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
In front of the building scaffolding, should according to the characteristics of the construction types and construction process, determine the content of building solutions, including basic treatment, installation requirements, rod, connecting rod set position, connection mode, construction details figure and large sample figure. 2. The scaffolding installation height more than specifications specified rules. ( 1) As the fastener type steel pipe scaffold installation size in the table below, no longer able to design and calculate the corresponding pole, but connected to the wall and the vertical rod design and calculation should be based on the actual load bearing capacity, the construction should draw figure. ( 2) When the building height is 25 50 m, should be to strengthen the overall stability of the scaffold from the construction, such as continuous vertical scissors set support, increase the horizontal scissors to the strength of the support bar, reduce the spacing, windy area should consider the scaffold height more than 40 m. Vortex spinning force should be set on the level of the connection part wall, and set up has turned against the function of connection wall measures, to ensure that the scaffold. ( 3) Installation height is more than 50 m, according to the overall high grade cross section, scaffold with double upright rod or by subsection uninstall scaffolding and beam reinforcement is obtained. Scaffolding parts of load transfer of haul by wire rope to buildings, or by subsection erecting scaffolding parts to the building. Went out of the building extension of cantilever beam, framework and design calculation. Scaffold construction plan shall be approved by the head of the enterprise technology, consistent with the type of scaffolding to the construction site. When scaffold type fixed on the spot, need to modify the type of scaffolding. Understand building scaffold erection 1, whether what kind of scaffolding, scaffold material and machining quality are need to meet the requirements, the use of substandard materials set up scaffolding is relatively forbidden, in order to prevent accidents. 2, general building scaffolding needs in accordance with the safety technology operating rules construction scaffolding. For 15 m high above the top of scaffolding, needs to carry on the design, calculation, detailed design, construction, and approved by the technical director, to establish written security technology. 3. For hanging, hanging, socket, stacking and other dangerous and special hanger, also need to carry on the design and approval. Only make separate safety technical measures, to establish safety technical measures. 4. After the construction team to accept the task, to organize all the staff, carefully understand scaffold special safety construction organization design and safety technical measures, to explore approaches, sending have good technology and experience of technical personnel is responsible for technical guidance and monitoring work.
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