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Student apartment floor type scaffold outside the special safety civilization construction scheme - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Second, in order to ensure the safety of all site operators according to the state in the erection of the scaffolding, specification, to ensure the safety of the scene of the operator of the other type of work. Three, erection of scaffolding for pole spacing is not greater than 1. 8 meters, not less than 1. 5 meters routine for the erection, a pull rod every 4 m, diagonal member not greater than 2 m a rod, do under suspension, pull on the stabilizing effect. Horizontal bar spacing 1 up and down. 5 meters, of which the 0. To add a block makes 75 meters away. Fasteners tightness for 6 ~ 8 kilograms force, to ensure that the vertical, horizontal, stability and security. Four, it is forbidden to use broken steel pipe ram, it is forbidden to use thin skin steel pipe outside the frame. The thickness of the steel pipe for Ф 0. 485, buttons, fasteners, etc. All materials must ensure that the project material safety. Five, the protection: each layer split out outside the frame, must be layers of protection and to leave a hole, the stairs, equipment, elevator well, over the border guard. Using height of 1. 2 meters, the next step foot pole ( The horizontal bar) Height of 0. 5 meters, block spines 0. 7 meters, the upper and lower levels, stud height of 1. 5 meters, a distance of 3 m. Cave protection with sandwich plate, the rest of the cantilever slab closed, elevator every four floor or a safety net, carriage armrest two roots for 450 slope protection. Foot height of 0. 5 meters, the armrest of 0. 7 meters high. Vertical rod and horizontal rod must lap joint spacing not less than 1. 5 meters, hanging nets must firm, net surface straight exhibition. Cantilever slab laid, level off: 4 meters must pick 3 small arch bar, no double foot head plate and a cantilever slab, every four closed a layer bottom nets, the rest of the floor ceiling by the operation of construction personnel. Flat screen: every pick out four layers 6 meters across the bottom of the sea, exhibition held out to prevent fell upstairs sundry hurt, to prevent falling, wire rope is used for soft protection ( Pick flat screen) , pick up a week around the circle. Six, protection for the rest of the site temporary decision, according to the construction site temporary build-up barrack and steel shed and meter box all site temporary fixed for erection of temporary protection. Six, scaffolding to 5, 1, erection of scaffolding safety technical measures must be borne by the hold/scaffolder, who have high blood pressure, heart disease mine will be operating on the scaffold. 2, before the erection of scaffolding, must carry out security disclosure ( And make a written record) , workers must wear safety helmet, safety belt, tools and components should be placed in the tool bag, work wear non-slip shoes, cuff, openning to tighten. 3, in the near overhead power lines erection of scaffolding, should be stipulated in the power supply bureau to ensure a safe distance, when necessary to cut off the power supply wire or migration. 4, the construction site live line, such as no security measures, is allowed by the scaffold, the electrician electric wire without authorization are not allowed to be electrical device. 5, it is strictly prohibited to pile up on the scaffold templates, mywood and redundant construction materials, etc. , to ensure that the scaffold unblocked and prevent overload. 6, freight hand piece, steel pipe must be used, such as special insurance hook, it is forbidden to single point lifting to pile up smoothly, and strictly control the scaffold construction load. 7, scaffolding oracle Angle should be connect electrical protection and lightning protection devices, and every high 50 m spacing lightning protection device. Step 8, adjacent frame of the ledger should be staggered arrangement in the vertical rod side and matters needing attention in strict avoid violation operation: 1, the use of scaffolding lifting heavy objects; 2, homework personnel climbing rack up and down; 3, pull on the shelf movement; 4, to dismantle the feet wearing parts and even the wall bar; In the bottom of the scaffold or nearly of influence the stability of foundation excavation trench, as well as construction work. Six levels of above wind, fog, heavy rain weather should work on scaffolding, scaffolding management system, strengthen the inspection in the process of using, found problems in a timely manner.
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