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Successful stage frame structures - what are the specific requirements Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-23
Stage art refers to the stage of art, which mainly includes the drama ( Including opera) , folk arts, music, dancing, acrobatics, magic, martial arts, and other forms of art. Stage art director refers to the various artistic creative and director. So what is the most common stage at ordinary times? Below by the stage set up factory in jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD. To tell you about: 1. Stretching stage type stage and frame type stage difference is that part of the stage forward, toward the audience, the three sides of this part of exposed to the audience. Mainly used in dance halls, fashion show hall, multi-function hall, auditorium, theater and other places of entertainment. 2. Frame type stage frame type stage refers to the audience in the side of the stage, the stage of the rest of the side is blocked by the object, actors and technicians to prepare for work. 3. Ring type circular stage refers to the stage the audience around the stage. Usually circular stage is located in the middle of the theater. Audience may appreciate performance at close range. 4. Rotary type stage mainly through hydraulic equipment to create the effect of rotation, there will be a lift, such as rotation effect. Used in modern disco, dance halls, fashion show in the hall. Rotary type stage adopts automatic compression friction wheel drive gear or gear transmission mechanism or pin gear transmission mechanism, has the reversibility, stepless speed regulation, accurate positioning function. 5. Volatility stage stage is a special kind of activity stage, mesa can be automatically around the center of mesa do ring wavy rolling motion, wave frequency can be controlled by the program. Give a person a kind of happy feeling passion. 1. Stability dance to gum is a kind of soft PVC plastic board, has a certain weight, ensures that the product in the process of movement stability and strong, and the automatic reinforcing effect. 2. Robustness dance floor glue is a kind of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is it according to the character of the dance, professional to develop and become, has a certain buffer role, not dry, not smooth, flexible, good characteristics. 3. Comfort dance to plastic surface through special processing, with bright lighting, glance will not absorb light and dazzling, can better protect the dancers in the process of movement of the eye is not easy to produce fatigue. Divided into 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm thickness, different thickness have different buffer rebound value, it has good vibration and rebound. Effectively reduce the dancer's legs impact, makes the foot feels more comfortable, better to avoid sports injury, improve the level of the dancers. 4. Durability and abrasion resistance dance room floor glue is 100% pure soft PVC materials with good quality and high surface through special environmental protection high-tech materials TPU technology processing, and good durability and wear resistance, thus increasing the service life of the floor. 5. Installation method diversity dance room floor glue installation method has two kinds: ( 1) Activity type; ( 2) All fixed. We according to the requirements of the customer dance venues used for installation. 6. Easy maintenance professional dance floor glue layer to the outside world pollution have ruled out ability, such as surface contamination, with a clean mop, water scrub. 7. Sound-absorbing performance is good professional standard thickness of the bottom of the dance floor, coupled with suitable and reasonable absorb shock resistance, elasticity in sports has the function of sound-absorbing sound insulation effect is good. Studio dedicated floor glue, bright color, smooth surface, good flexibility. Moderate elasticity is moderate, and astringent, which is beneficial to cushion the impact of the movement, and easy to clean, maintain invariance, no crack. Dance and performance excellence, moistureproof, slip resistance, abrasion resistance, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, fouling of green environmental protection no methanol, non-toxic, can very good protection the dancer will not fall and cause accident harm. Dance floor glue can make the dancer brandish asperses dance art wonderful! As one of the forms of the stage performance, set the stage for a musical importance is self-evident. It can not only create appropriate for drama theater environment, more importantly, it can be to brief moment into a theater audience in mind forever.
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