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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Aluminum alloy scaffolding aluminum alloy scaffolding using lightweight solid aluminium alloy material, the overall structure USES the combination of modular design, standardization of parts without bulk; Because of the aluminum alloy scaffolding free combination performance is good, safe, light weight, quick disassembling, transportation is convenient, high maneuverability advantage characteristics has gradually become the ideal choice of aerial work. Aluminum alloy scaffolding features light weight: the light solid aluminum alloy material, light weight, easy to install, handling and storage, the weight is the 1/3 of traditional steel scaffolding, without having to worry about bad ground pressure; Security firm: connection parts high strength, stability, support institutions design science, structural safety, imported welding equipment welding technology science, strength is three times more than traditional welding process; Quick take down: the overall structure USES the combination of modular design, no bulk parts standardization, using the card screw connection, without any installation tools quickly set up a set of aluminum alloy scaffolding work platform; Work free: non-slip waterproof work platform, any building work height, can be in indoor or outdoor uneven ground normal operation; Move convenient: equipped with castor high strength belt brake, can move and lock, so that the continuous use in different work sites; Adaptable: free leg height adjustment, can use the stair steps and complex terrain, can be in the narrow space structures, homework; Flexible combination: can according to customer's special maintenance or operation demand of different terrain environment, special design to satisfy different working environment; Corrosion free maintenance: all components are anti-oxidation through special processing, does not rust, resistance to chemical corrosion, no maintenance; Comply with safety standards, design and manufacture meet the international standards of ISO9001 and EN1004, the service life of the product is as high as more than 10 years. Style to distinguish various size choose aluminum alloy scaffolding offers a variety of standard size, user can choose according to the job site; Also can according to user requirements do not calibration. Standard size is as follows: width: 0. 75 m ( Unit width scaffolding) And 1. 35 meters ( Double scaffold frame) wide Length: 2 m, 2. 5 meters and 3 meters ( 2 meters long for commonly used size) Height: 1 m - 40 meters ( According to the height of the actual work needs) To select a variety of gym three ladder configuration ( Straight ladder, 45 ° 75 ° inclined ladder, diagonal ladder) , including straight ladder for common configuration; The user can choose according to the operation needs and preferences. Single frame wide: can choose straight ladder, inclined ladder; Double wide frame: can choose straight ladder, inclined ladder, diagonal ladder; A variety of building style according to the operation needs, can build a variety of different styles of work platform, high aluminum frame structures, flexible application range, is suitable for the work in different; On the steps to build is on the steps to set up work platform easily aluminum frame ( Such as stairs, escalators and elevators, etc. ) ; Hang floating frame can be constructed in any height of the scaffold platform, composed of aluminum and the suspension of floating platform, extended length up to 2 m; Composite aircraft structures, grid frame and the combination of different shapes work platform aluminum frame, customized according to customer requirements; High tower building high-rise tower, consists of two parts, the main frame and the auxiliary frame, when the platform height is more than 15 m will need to build auxiliary frame, up to 48 meters. Aluminum alloy scaffolding use: use scope including aviation, electric power, railway, port, fire protection, construction, telecommunications, film and television, advertising, exhibition, school, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, stadiums, factories, government offices and other places; And equipment installation and maintenance, repair maintenance, external wall cleaning, replacement of lamps and lanterns, outdoor advertising installation, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, etc. All the work high above the use.
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