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Super galvanized scaffolding structure stability, research on building materials accessories direct selling - total generation Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer focus

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Super galvanized scaffolding structure stability coefficient to study structural instability phenomenon can be divided into: overall structure or part of a structural instability, the individual component buckling instability and local components; Can be divided into the in-plane instability and buckling instability sometimes does not occur within the elastic range, but the elastic-plastic buckling occurs before the whole cross section of plastic, so can be divided into the elastic stability, elastic-plastic stability and plasticity and stability. Any unstable phenomenon could make structure cannot work effectively. Stability problem can also be divided into dynamic stability and static stability. The stability concept refers to the static stability, dynamic stability can be said: according to the characteristics of energy under the condition of positive damping, decay, when the system potential energy of the system is dynamic stability under the action of external loading; In negative damping cases, if the system potential energy increases over time, the system is a dynamic instability. Structure theory in the stability study was conducted on the mathematical model of the ideal, but the actual structure is not as ideal as a mathematical model, so it is necessary to consider the effect of various factors in practice. Compression of rods, for example, load can't absolute alignment and cross section center. There will always be some initial bending rod itself, this is called the 'geometric defects'. Material itself inevitably exists some tissue defect, such as yield stress and rod manufacturing methods of residual stress caused by discrete, etc. So, in addition to the rod elastic modulus and geometric size, all of the above factors also affect rod bearing capacity in different degrees, should always consider this in structure design. Usually, stability theory based on ideal mathematical model called buckling theory, based on the actual artifacts to consider the above factors to study related to the stability of the ultimate bearing capacity of stability theory called the theory of crushing. Actual component, component or framework in use damaged or bent in the load test load called crush load and ultimate bearing capacity. For the sake of simplicity, usually use the buckling load for the geometric defects, according to a large number of experiments and the results of the study, it is generally believed meniscus curve for rod can assume that 1/1000 of the vector. For tissue defects, in the national standard formula is different, the given allowable buckling stress curves are also different. Some of these problems need further research. Mobile galvanized scaffolding
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