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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
1, scaffolding and formwork supports system before construction, construction units should be according to the geological conditions, construction technology, operation conditions and the surrounding environment construction plan; More than 8 meters, or span more than 18 meters high, or the construction total load is more than 10 kn/m, or concentrated line load is greater than 15 kn/m template support system and so on special construction scheme, must organize expert argumentation review; Project technical director by construction unit, supervision unit general supervision engineer signature rear can implement. 2, personnel engaged in scaffold erection and removal, must be after the inspection qualified scaffolder, hold relevant certificates, and equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment. 3, scaffolding or template scaffold must keep a safe distance and near high voltage overhead line, special circumstances can't keep a safe distance, electric protection should be built for the isolation facilities. 4, the scaffold shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of special construction scheme of reinforcement and acceptance, maintain more than drawing after pouring concrete provisions allow settlement. Floor has a drainage system, can not have water, sweep the floor rod set up highly qualified, rod must be set the base, chock. 5, scaffolding and formwork during erection, should set up a job alert, and assign personnel to monitor, the operators are strictly prohibited. 6, scaffolding should be subject to calculate and determine the stud spacing. Scaffolding set-up in July and the water, should be regularly check the water draining, found loose, deformation and subsidence should be reinforced in time. Homework personnel should be installed with life-saving equipment on the scaffold. 8, bracket, the corner, and every 6 - on both ends Seven columns should set a bracing and support arm, in order to prevent the compression of tube bending shelf fasteners from tube head, each bar in handing over the end not less than 10 cm. Scaffold height in 10 ~ 15 m should be set when a group ( 4 ~ 6) Cable wind rope, higher for every 10 m should be set up to a group of, cable wind rope Angle with the ground for 45 to 60 degrees. The anchor cable wind rope should be set up fences, prevent collision damage. 9, protective railings and safety net should be in the second step above Settings. 10 layer level, scaffold for every four steps set up the safety net. 11, the scaffold should be set up ramps, ramps set to conform to specified requirements. December, scaffolding and formwork, when electricity, gas welding, must have a fire prevention measures and supervision by designated personnel. 13, scaffolding operation level of the construction load should comply with the design requirements, shall not be overloaded; Shall not be template bracket, cable wind rope, pumping concrete and mortar conveying pipe fixed on the scaffold. 14, scaffolding and formwork should be according to the current industry standard for the scope of the construction site temporary electricity safety technology ( JGJ46- 2005). Grounding lightning protection measures. 15 and may not be based on the scaffolding, templates support and adjacent mining operations. 16, when there are more than 6 wind and fog, rain and snow weather should stop when the scaffold erection and removal operations, rain, snow back on assignments due and anti-sliding measures, and shall remove snow. 17, in the bracket after the installation is complete, should according to the drawing requirements or supervision engineer instruction, support for preloading, preloading load should not low beam body weight and the additional load total 120%. 18, scaffolding and formwork during erection, shall be carried out step by step acceptance, acceptance of all, for rear can put into use.
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