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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Suspended frame scaffold material characteristics of excellent gradually popular with more and more construction work personnel, simple and fast, light weight, rust corrosion or beyond the steel pipe scaffold, according to the shenzhen municipal construction engineering safety civilization construction standards, aluminum alloy scaffolding as important engineering construction equipment, is the best choice to ensure safety. Suspended frame scaffold in different places can play their own advantages, and is more efficient, more secure. Small construction work, we can choose 2 - 3 m fast loading type mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding, in a short period of time can not only build the required height, but only one person can complete building demolition operations, such as decoration, ceiling, maintenance is a good helper. Scaffolding without redundant discrete components, without having to worry about lost parts, indoor outdoor construction work is a good helper. In large projects, such as Bridges, walls, venue, by environmental topography is complex, we often can't use single-family scaffold alone finish the homework task, need more combination design, custom is more suitable for operation needs, more safety and stable, can ensure the security of subcontracted scaffold construction plan, at this time, can use suspended frame or cantilever erection method, to meet the complex construction environment. Flying scaffold is connected between two buildings channels such as scaffolding. Two buildings such as the distance, the height from the ground is higher than 3. 6 meters can use this way, bridge connection not only convenient operation workers, and the height can be adjusted freely, tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding the T6 - shenzhen 6061 high strength aluminum alloy, all components connected to join the secondary protection and aided design, effectively prevent accidents. Set-up should defend the net type ultra-high buildings, to prevent tools fall off. Cantilever scaffold from the door, window, pick out the rails or diagonal pick timbering, set up the rail, laid up scaffolding scaffolding, there are two forms, one is each layer of cantilever, another kind is a multilayer cantilevers, according to needs to set up the mode of scaffolding. Each layer of cantilever: will stand at the bottom of the rod end on the floor, building parts, such as beam or the wall tilted outward after fixation set-up put rail, scaffolding plank formation in the upper layer construction, construction of a tall, after being transferred to the upper, erection of scaffolding, again to provide a layer construction. Multilayer cantilevers: the scaffolding of overall height can be divided into several segments, each segment erection height no more than 20 m. Suspended frame scaffolding combination of diversity, shenzhen tengda can free for you to customize the construction plan, to meet different working environment, safety and efficiency of target to finish my work. Dr Brand scaffold ladder, shenzhen scaffolding industry leading enterprises.
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