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by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
Template support scaffolds by monitoring contact phone number: 18420150310 suzhou scaffolding leasing, as well as exchange of He Qile zai set-up very pay attention to the implementation of security, in the process of scaffold structures, never have a little careless. Suzhou scaffolding leasing even the wall must be connected to the building structure parts, to ensure bearing capacity. Even the wall pole position shall be fixed in the construction plan, and draw practice details, cannot be arbitrarily set in the job. It is strictly prohibited in the scaffolding demolished even wall rod during use. Even the wall rod connected to the suzhou scaffolding rental building practice can make flexible connection or rigid connection. Even the wall piece can bear must adopt the structure of the tension and stress. Must adopt brace with top bracing, top bracing should be reliably in concrete ring beam, column, etc. Brace than two 4 mm diameter steel wire should be adopted to a shares, when use should not less than 2 strands; Can be used not less than 6 mm diameter steel bar. Limit the scaffold on both sides of the deformation inside and outside. It is forbidden to use only brace of flexible wall pieces. For more than 24 m double-row scaffold, must adopt rigid wall piece and building reliable connection. Template support scaffolds by monitoring
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