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by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
Shenzhen mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 suzhou scaffolding leasing, operating instructions before suzhou scaffolding leasing even if design also need people to operate in safety, like now car safety coefficient has reached a peak, but there are still a lot of terrible accident, what is the key, is that person, if everyone can obey the traffic rules, don't drink and drive, not through a red light, may be greatly reduced the incidence of traffic tragedy, the operation of the scaffold, too, in the air if not check the scaffold before they entered the scaffolding of all security processes, not placed its own security in a very high position, so the probability of accident will increase, so the scaffolding workers before operation must do the following: (time 1) Check the power cord join points, observation light; ( 2) Press the start button, check whether the platform is at the level; ( 3) Check the limit switch; ( 4) Check the lifter and platform of joint; ( 5) Check whether the safety rope connected to the safety lock is reliable, the action is normal. Scaffolding operations ( Suzhou scaffolding leasing) Is risky, so we must be ready before manipulation to check the work. Including the following five points. Come let us know, hope that through the comparison of many sided, can some guiding Suggestions for want to buy scaffolding friend! Specific content as follows, for your reference. Information: bowl type steel pipe scaffold shenzhen mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding
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