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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Aerial work platform contact telephone: 18420150310 scaffolding rental: 1. Taiyuan scaffolding set-up at the end or the end of section to improve the quality of taiyuan scaffold project stop reflection, through introspection can consign use ahead. 2. Height under the 20 m and 20 m scaffolding, by unit engineering technical staff stop ping an to reflect a person organization acceptance; Height is more than 20 m scaffold, organized by engineering technology as a people with the progress of the segmented unit engineering as a person and relevant technical staff stop to reflect on acceptance of the peace. One, acceptance should have the following documents: 1, the necessary construction design documents and assembly diagram; 2, Thai cloud scaffolding parts factory certification or quality grading qualified; 3, taiyuan scaffolding engineering construction records and quality of reflection records; 4, taiyuan scaffolding, serious result and disposal of records; 5, taiyuan scaffold construction acceptance report, second, taiyuan scaffold project acceptance, in addition to examine relevant documents, but should also stop spot checking. Selective examination should focus on the following items, and recorded in the construction acceptance report. 1, the bar can be completely safe measures, can taiyuan fastener tighten, qualified; 2, safe net hanging and armrest can set completely; 3, root can smooth solid; 4, even wall rod set can have an omission, can fully qualified and requirements; 5, vertical degree and degree of degree can be qualified. Three, taiyuan scaffolding, size allows to: 1, taiyuan scaffolding verticality: scaffolding along the wall longitudinal vertical deflection should be H / 400 and 50 mm (or less H for taiyuan scaffold height) ; Taiyuan scaffolding transverse vertical deflection should be H / 600 and 50 mm or less; Each step of the longitudinal and transverse verticality deviation should be h0/600 or less. Step 2, the extent of taiyuan scaffolding degrees: bottom taiyuan scaffolding the degree of vertical deflection along the wall should be L / 600 (or less L for scaffolding length) 。 Aerial work platform manufacturers
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