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Taiyuan scaffolding rental, security considerations - taiyuan steel tube rental Jingzhou mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding - price Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffold

by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Jingzhou mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding price contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffolding rental: 1, taiyuan, build good scaffolding, before the workers use scaffolding, must check whether the scaffolding parts such as screws loose or damaged. After 2, taiyuan build good scaffolding, scaffolding to level, stand up or job will be all right. 3, in the process of using taiyuan scaffolding, scaffold for mobile form, you don't want to move or adjust the scaffold to figure is convenient, no one must determine the scaffolding above or items can be adjusted. 4, for mobile scaffolding, when used to determine the scaffolding of the wheel brake brake tight, can't let loose brake. 5, work on the scaffold, climbing up and down when hear the sound of the isalso you slowly climb down the scaffold, and then to check where there is no fastening. 6, for the wind, do not have to work on scaffolding, carelessly workers affected by the wind, fall off or yourself drop items, it will be dangerous. 7, in the use of taiyuan scaffolding, the best safety net on the scaffolding around. Jingzhou mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding price
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