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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Work construction, head of safety construction in construction date, head of the month to month, dangerous work task scaffolding collapse or fall, lightning, object against environmental pollution of land, damage to vegetation, environmental pollution, affect air quality security notice what item 1 load shall not exceed 270 kg/m2, scaffolding, scaffolding, after that, upon passing the examination and acceptance of construction site safety officer, working controller together after the listing, can consign is used, should be regular inspection and maintenance during the use of 2 vertical rod should be vertical, scaffolding, steel stud should be set metal base or stow-wood, rail must be parallel and at right angles to the vertical bar set-up. 3, the ends of the scaffold, the corner, and every 6 ~ 7 root poling, should establish the strut and bracing frame, the strut and bracing frame Angle and the ground shall not be greater than 60, the strut buried depth shall not be less than 30 cm. 4 stud spacing, scaffolding shall not be greater than 2 meters, the main rail spacing shall not be greater than 1. 2 meters, the small bar spacing shall not be greater than 1. 5 meters. 5, scaffolding lap length shall not be less than 20 cm, should not have the probe plate, right it should be a double row of small bar, double row spacing of putlog shall not be greater than 20 cm. 6, scaffolding should be spread, laid a smooth and tie, in the corner shelf, scaffolding should be staggered lap. And set 1. 5 m high railing and 18 cm high block set foot or set net. 7, homework personnel application firm ladder, scaffolding, and suspended solid, not climbing scaffold. 8, without the consent of the work head or site security officer, anyone shall not remove the scaffolding nets, connecting rod, the warning signs. 9, dismantle scaffold should be top-down order, and it is strictly prohibited and homework at the same time or the scaffolding down as a whole. 10, build and dismantling scaffolding workers should fasten your seat belt. 11, scaffolding, measures should be compiled. Safety civilized construction supplement notice: personal protection and environmental supplementary note: job site main division of labor and job responsibilities: on-site personnel signature note
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