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by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
Current construction engineering with at most two big main scaffolding categories are aluminum alloy scaffolding and steel tube scaffold. In the field of early safety construction is not perfect enough, steel tube scaffold because of its low price quickly occupy the market, but is followed by a more safety problems, high falling, collapse and the list goes on. Decided the future of the scaffold material and design. Steel profile is used for steel pipe scaffold as the name implies, but heavy steel easily lead to low efficiency, corrosion defects such as safety factor is not high, some of the countries in the world, especially Europe and the United States probably in the 1970 s has gradually used aluminum alloy scaffolding to replace the traditional steel tube scaffold. Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding: (1) with 6061 high strength aluminum alloy profiles, wall thickness not less than 2 mm, to ensure that the strong stability of the scaffold. Only a third of the steel pipe scaffold in weight. (2) adopts the modular design, all parts and lighter is simple, a worker can fleetly and demolition of a set of aluminum alloy scaffolding, joining together the lock design, a key to opening and closing, improve work efficiency. (3) aluminum alloy scaffolding pedal opening design, convenient, up and down a fence skirting board, prevent tool drops cause danger, one meter fence to ensure the safety of construction, prevent the dumping of high effectively. (4) small engineering mobile aluminum alloy scaffold with WICKE Germany telescopic castor high strength, it can move easily operation, meet the environment the use of multiple scenarios and rugged ground is also used, the maximum increase 42 cm. Strong foot brake, steady as a rock. (5) strengthening the corners of brace, dual protection, can firmly cling to the ground. 6. Service life is long, spare aluminum alloy scaffold has the very good recovery value. Other steel pipe scaffold: (1) steel pipe scaffold material weight is three times more than aluminum alloy scaffolding, but stronger than lags in aluminum alloy scaffolding, wall thickness is only 1. 5 - 1. About 7 mm. (2) composite joint fastener is easy to rust, there will be a loose, the phenomenon such as aging, safety factor is not high. (3) steel pipe itself is easy to rust, used multiple times may appear rupture, collapse and other major danger. (4) lack of safety barrier and skirting board, steel tube scaffold platform easily happened dumping of fall risk, etc. For homework personnel safety, the efficient development of the enterprise, please look for the shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding, don't let the high falling accidents from happening again.
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