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by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
Five, scaffold for construction: the construction of the total problem is more, there are mainly the following several aspects: 1, the basic aspects: foundation without cement, no hardening, don't do drainage facilities. Poling under no block and base, sweep pole is not set. 2, even the wall: even the wall of a set of problems is the most prominent. Rules: the scaffolding of highly under 24 meters appropriate USES rigid wall piece and building reliable connection, may also adopt brace and the top bracing with attached connection. It is forbidden to use only brace of flexible wall pieces. For 24 meters high above the double row of scaffold, must adopt rigid wall piece and building reliable connection. Even the wall a layout should be close to the master node distance should not be greater than 300 mm; Should start with the first step in the bottom longitudinal bar setting, when it set difficult, fixed other reliable measures should be adopted; Appropriate priority arranged diamond, square, rectangle may be adopted. One word, the ends of the open mouth of scaffolding must be set even wall, the wall of a vertical spacing should not be greater than the height of the building, is not greater than 4 m ( Step 2) 。 While even the wall of scaffolding is not correct, in the form of commonly used only brace of flexible wall parts, with more than 24 meters outside the frame does not use rigid wall piece, and even the number of wall piece is not enough. 3, structure aspects: 1) The current site more scaffolding horizontal distance less than 1. 5 meters, only 0. 70-0. About 90 meters, the outside the frame, in addition to affect the use, its stability is poor, on the wall and the frame body verticality more demanding. 2) Security gateway, especially the car set-up calculated without the security channel frame body, random set-up. 3) The corner, poling set quantity is not enough. 4) Discharging platform's intersections with derrick, randomly disconnect between two places outside the frame, or outside the frame and the discharging platform frame body together. 5) Scaffolding is not spread as required. 6) The poor quality safety net. 7) Not according to requirements set foot. 6, 1) using process Exterior wall decoration, demolition of the wall at will, and do not take reinforcement measures. 2) Scaffolding is not laid as required; Construction layer be put with scaffolding plank. 3) Even the wall piece with an outer layer to deliver progress out of sync. 4) Outside the frame and construction progress schedule are not synchronized, especially the second and third layer construction outside the frame. 5) Don't check in accordance with requirements. Seven, demolition of the common errors are: 1) Scaffolding dismantled before the structure of the frame body stability, fastener connection, even the wall parts, such as supporting system meets the requirements when not check. 2) Dismantled when not in accordance with the technical clarificaiton, often the first layer or layers of the wall piece removed before dismantling scaffolding phenomenon. 3) Scaffolding demolition, without scaffolding. 4) Down to the height of the last stand pole, the demolition of the wall piece, not erection of temporary support. 5) All the components directly thrown to the ground.
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