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Teach you how to buy standard aluminum alloy stage

by:Shizhan     2020-05-19
In the past few years, the aluminum alloy stage has appeared more and more widely in people's eyes. It can usually be seen in wedding celebrations, exhibitions, stage performances, various ceremonies, etc. It has also led to the birth of many aluminum alloy manufacturers. The quality of products produced by different manufacturers is also different. Today's editor will teach you how to buy a standard aluminum alloy stage. Purchase standard of aluminum alloy stage: 1. Aluminum alloy material label: 6061-T6, 2. The main wall thickness is 50 * 3MM, using high-quality aluminum alloy electrodes, fish scale welding points, professional welding master team, standard welding positioning platform and calibration platform. Have a professional technical team to ensure that the goods provided to you comply with national industry standards. 3. Stage frame: 78mm, 18mm thick panel, can be red anti-skid board, black anti-skid board or multi-layer plywood with red carpet, can also use tempered glass stage or plexiglass surface 4. The height can be used as the upper and lower range 0.4-0. 6,0. 6-1, (Unit: m), can also be made higher or fixed height. 5. Single stage size: 122 * 1.22, 1.22 * 2.44, l * 2, l * l (unit: m) can also be customized according to the special needs of guests, and can be made into arcs, triangles and other special shapes. The stage is connected to the stage by snap connection, the connection is firm and beautiful. It can also be surrounded by stage apron. 6. Safe and simple design, easy to install and disassemble, save space and save space. For market conditions where labor costs are increasing, time-saving and labor-saving features save a lot of long-term expenses for rental companies and performance companies. 7. In the old assembly stage, the stage legs and stage singles are shared between each stage, so the placement method will affect the number of accessories and the lack of accessories. This stage can solve this problem. How to place it, only the area is the same, let you change to a different shape. 8. Safe and reliable, tested and tested 9. This stage installation is easy to disassemble, saves time and effort, does not occupy space and saves freight, and can be placed at will.
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