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Teach you how to quickly build an aluminum alloy stage

by:Shizhan     2020-05-20
In recent years, aluminum alloy stage has been widely used in various stage venues, performances, exhibitions, etc., but its materials are still more and need more time to build. Today's editor teaches you to quickly build an aluminum alloy stage. Aluminum alloy stage Aluminum alloy stage construction method: 1. Set the base to the approximate position on the ground; 2. Insert the bottom of the inclined support into the outside of each base; 3. Fix the counter head on the base with screws; 4. Set a square cover on the square head; 5. Connect the beam with screws; 6. The two ends of the beam are connected to the two square sleeves on both sides, and the beam is partially assembled on the ground; 7. Connect the column truss to the plane, then screw one end to the counter head and the other end to the cross arm. At the same time, connect the crane and the crossbar. The function of the hoist is to raise the lower beam truss; (You can also install the hoist after the column is set.) 8. Some people lifted the column truss together slowly, being careful not to push the column too hard, and then fixing the screw above the head; 9. After the upright is erected, hook the hook below the hanging crane to the lower beam through the sling; 10. 4 people slowly shake the hoist to pull the beam to the left and right sides of the person's head; 11. Install lighting and sound equipment on the beam; 12. 4 people will swing the hoist together to a predetermined height to stop; 13. Tighten one end of the diagonal support and post, and use the horizontal support of the base to tighten the other end to complete the gantry.
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